Friday, March 17, 2017

Questions? Comments?

Yes, the job interview is over!

And . . . I think it went pretty well . . .

There was no swearing, fisticuffs or hot liquids in faces . . . that’s a good sign, right?

But who am I to judge, really. I mean, it’s pretty hard to make objective observations of oneself under pressure.

Still, I’m just glad it’s over with . . . except for the waiting to hear back now of course. At least they told me they will contact me one way or the other which I really appreciate.

I much prefer it that way so I know for sure if I got the job or not without adding to the stress of waiting days and days and days and then realizing I’m never hearing back . . . ever!

And hey, Iron Fist if out on NetFlix today so I may have to get into binge mode this evening.

And, as a added bonus, I managed to turn the comments back on here for my blog!

Which, means that anybody that wants to comment here can do so once again - just like in the old days when I first started this blog during that prehistoric era when fire and the wheel were all the rage . . .

So if you have any Questions or Comments for me, you now have an outlet. So you can stop swearing at my posts and write down yours swears instead!

See how accommodating I can be.

So, this is a short and boring yet somewhat informative post today - the weekend is just a beer away!

I’ve got some videos cued up for my YouTube channel and more filming to do this weekend for yet more board games.

My addiction.

No matter how much I want to kick the “buy-another-board-game” habit, I realize that resistance if futile. So, I’ll just keep adding to my collection and filming my play throughs and posting them online.

It’s a win win . . . except for the loss loss of money in my bank account.

Still, I could be spending all my money in a casino, wearing depends and drinking Mai Tais until my vision blurs and drool runs down my chin . . . so there is that fate I’ve managed to avoid.

Well, short and sweet and I’ve yet to prepare supper for the day, so I just thought I would let ya all know the comments are back on the menu.

Until next time . . . thanks for reading along!

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