Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Piles of Plastic

So, yes, about my addiction . . .

Hi, I’m Paul Darcy, and I have this little problem . . .

Okay, maybe problem is overstating it, but I do collect and play quite a few modern board games.

Which come with many, many, many plastic figures . . . Hey, don’t judge me! You may offend my inner 12 year old!

And think about it, I could be doing drugs, or pimping or abusing small mammals . . . so this life choice is far less evil than many others.

All I will say is that as of today I have a few more than 100 board games in my collection. I’ve done around 60 play throughs on my YouTube channel, so that kind of justifies my addiction . . . a bit . . . right?

I mean, others can benefit from my tastes by viewing my videos and then deciding if this is something they too would like to participate in . . . y’know, instead of pimping, toking or torturing small furry creatures - See, it’s a good thing I’m doing!

But as the collection grows, so too does the amount of plastic I help generate in the world and this bothers me somewhat.

Plastic is not good for our environment . . .


Maybe pimping, snorting and setting small creature on fire has a smaller carbon footprint . . . maybe I am a bad man after all?

You are judging again!

So, in future here, I will once again start showcasing some of the games I’ve “collected” over the past few years. Likely ones I’ve already done play throughs of on my YouTube channel.

Have I mentioned that I have a YouTube channel . . . yeah, rolling those eyes can lead to serious physical side effects . . . you should stop it!

Well, another day, another blog post.

Until next time . . . thanks for reading along!

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