Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Board Game Channel

So, if you’ve been hanging around here for any length of time (since 2005 - Holy Crap!) you will know I’m a Huge board game fanatic . . .

My YouTube channel is called Paul Darcy’ Game Play . . . yeah, very original.

And as I look back now at how it’s grown, I’m kinda blown away.

As of this posting I have over 3400 subscribers and my views have exceeded 750,000 . . . yeah, absolutely frikin nuts!

It all began back in 2014 with a little idea I had about doing short videos about things I like. I made 6 of them . . . and, that was that.

It was full bore into board game play throughs after that!

But, let’s back up a few paces first. It really all started because I bought myself a camera that could record video in HD. The 720p type . . .

With this new toy, and an old 50s kitchen table I got at a yard sale for 5 bucks, I decided to do a play through of a board game I really liked called Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition.

I dutifully videoed each turn (they were short, I had slow internet back then) and posted them up to my YouTube channel and over at BGG.

Shock of shocks, the designer of the game left comments at BGG for me and really liked what I was doing.

It would seem I had a knack for this type of thing. It was around the end of this series that I also got my first 100 subscribers and I was thinking - Holy Shit, people actually like what I’m doing. How cool is that!

And here it is, almost three years later and my following has grown 34 fold since then. It’s just kinda surreal. Now, I’m no star by any stretch of a fevered imagination, but it is damn nice to be recognized for one’s work no matter how small.

If you’ve read this far, then thanks. I will say, thanks for reading along, which is a mirror to most of the YouTube comments I leave with my viewers which is, thanks for watching along!

And I really do mean it. It fills me with a sense of job-well-done

Well, enough rambling from me for one day. I’m off to look at my game collection and decide which one is going to get a play through next.

Until next time - thanks for reading along!

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