Saturday, March 11, 2017

Buffy’s not a teenager anymore!

Say what!?

Yeah, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had it’s 20th anniversary yesterday . . .

Wow, that’s a little hard to believe. Time, once again, is messing with my grey matter.

I must say I didn’t jump on the Buffy wagon until it was in its sixth season, but then I started collecting the DVD sets as they were released, and binge watched them like an addict.

What can I say about this show that a million others have not already said and far more eloquently than I.

It was, and remains to this day, one of the best TV shows ever made.

And yesterday I spent a few minutes, okay maybe half an hour or more, watching the Twitterverse pour out its love for the show.

This love included tweets from Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Gellar, Emma Caulfield, Nicholas Brendon, Michelle Trachenberg, Anthony Head, Clare Kramer, Eliza Dushka, Amber Benson, James Marsters, David Boreanaz, Felicia Day . . . and hundreds of thousands of fans the world over.

It was a social media extravaganza of admiration and appreciation - and was really cool to watch live as it unfolded with tweets coming so fast and furious there was no way at all to keep up with them. Believe me, I tried.

I even added a few tweets of my own. I mean, how could I resist. I even scored a like from Felicia Day who played one of the potential slayers (Vi) in the 7th season . . .

Yeah, name drop!

Sue me.

Well, this marks 2 posts in 2 days after an absence of almost 3 years.

Of course, I don’t think anybody is reading this blog anymore, and the comments are broken, so nobody, even if they stumble upon this place, can leave a comment even if they wanted to.

Still, it feels good to get some words out again.

Until next time . . . which may, or may not be, soon or never.

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