Thursday, March 16, 2017

Brain Pain

The weekend looms large . . . the sun is shining . . . spring has almost sprung, and I’m feeling a crushing mental weight like a ton of feathers squeezing my prefrontal cortex in an avian scented vice . . .

. . . which makes no sense. Which, is kind of the point of today’s ramblings.

Irrational fears. They suck - a lot.

You see, I am currently looking for meaningful work, and it’s an elusive bitch of a thing to find these days.

I have a part time job right now, and an interview for a casual job tomorrow and two aging parents to look after and my YouTube channel to maintain and grow and I think I’m out of milk . . .
Now, I do realize that these issues I’m currently dealing with pale to insignificance in the face of the overwhelming immensity of the universe, but it doesn’t diminish the feeling of dread that has settled on me.

Today’s coping mechanisms will include a good workout, eating well, filming some videos for my YouTube channel, preparing for my job interview . . . and also catching an episode or two of something on NetFlix.

I hope it will be enough to cast out the rampaging demons and calm my inner turmoil. Does everybody feel this way before job interviews?

I suppose they do. It’s human nature I guess.

At least I was given the interview questions ahead of time, but they are tough ones to answer and, despite my years of experience in many different jobs, not all will be easily answered well.

And yes, my A type personality has me over analyzing everything adding to the stress, but it’s just the way I’m wired. I want to do a good job at whatever it is I’m currently doing . . . it’s just that some long term stability would be nice.

So what is with the plethora of casual and part-time jobs these days anyhow? Seems like every employer is trying to save a buck by cutting costs at the expense of workers.

But, that is a rabbit hole I think I will avoid lest my already taxed brain explode and, well, I don’t want that to happen.

So, I’ll get to exercising, prepare some good food, and put a plan in place for today to push my way through the next couple days and let the chips fall where they may secure in the knowledge that I did what I could.

Until next time . . . thanks for reading along!

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