Sunday, September 14, 2014

tired old guy

Well, with the new job now and getting up at 5:00 am to prepare my bus, I’ve been pretty wiped out the last two weeks.

But, I am recovering . . .

And starting next week, I’ll be adding another drive onto my two drives a day by going into the big city on Saturdays again.

And this, despite more driving, I am really looking forward too.

It means once more I get to check out the mega-huge game store for the latest board and card games.

I have about ten on radar to buy this year already, and will definitely pick one up next Saturday which I will then likely blab on about the following Sunday right here.

And yeah, been about a month since my last post . . . but, like I said, I’ve been pretty wiped with the new job and all.

On the plus side my kids on the bus are great and behave themselves. That is a good thing since my total drive is just over an hour with most of them.

I did have a spate of bad luck last week with bus troubles though (brakes, electronics, lights burned out) and had to make three unscheduled trips to home base (20 min away) to get them fixed.

Those were two very long days let me tell you.

Still, my bus is now in great shape (I hope) and should last for a good while before I have to go into home base again.

But who wants to hear about work? Likely nobody, so I’ll turn off that facet.

On the book front . . . er, I’ve stalled out reading pretty much. I hope to get back to it soon.

On the tennis front, our clay courts have been resurfaced and I’m back on track. I held top spot last week with my old Max 200G rackets . . .

Man I do love those old things.

I also finished up a play through of Level 7 [Omega Protocol] board game on my YouTube channel, the second mission of 9.

Um, the commandos got slaughtered . . . just saying.

Well, my time is up again, so, if all goes well . . .

Until the next Sunday . . .