Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sedition Wars

Or as I refer to it - Sedition Bores!

I really, really, really wanted to like this game.

I got if for a very low price, almost a giveaway - like 75% off retail price!

It has 50 miniatures!

It has cool modular boards!

It has 9 different missions with different objectives!

It has so very neat game mechanics!

It is pretty mediocre to awful . . . let me explain.

I’ll start with the miniatures - like I said there are 50 of them . . . but you have to assemble them yourselves.

This, was a pain in the butt. They fit together okay, but the mold lines and seams and the fact that you need SuperGlue gel to make them stick is a real detractor especially if you want to crack open the box and start playing the game.

So, not gonna happen until you spend a couple hours or more glueing ill-fitting miniatures together.

Once that chore is complete, you can get on to playing the game . . .

Um, which at first blush has some really cool game mechanics to it and looks like it will be a total blast. There are infection clouds which can infect your space marines  - there is overwatch mode like X-Com the computer game. There are unique characters with unique abilities . . .

And the entire experience just kind of falls flat on its face. So many choke points on the big grid hex boards make the missions all about, well, the choke points only. It boils down mostly to the alien player just blocking the marines - at, you guessed it, the choke points.

And it boils down to the marine player to bust through the choke points to try and scramble to the objective points . . . or lose the mission.

Yeah, very annoying, and ultimately very dull.

Now, on to the components - um, which are pretty sub-standard I’m afraid.

The tokens are one sided, mostly cut off-center and split apart after very little use.

The main boards are warped, though you can solve this by sitting heavy objects on them for a few days . . . but really, for the “original” cost of this game that is inexcusable.

So, I would not recommend buying this game. It really is not very good as a game, the components are not very good, and the miniatures, while detailed, don’t fit together so well and are a pain to assemble.

So, what is the solution?

Well, if you want a really good space marine type game against aliens hordes with well done missions, mechanics and miniatures - get yourself “Level 7 [Omega Protocol]” - it is a far superior game in every conceivable way.

Until next Sunday . . .

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