Sunday, June 15, 2014

day of the dad

Another year, another Father’s Day.

Happy day to all those males who passed along their genetic material to the next generation.

Being a dad has got to be one of the most rewarding, and frustrating, things ever.

It’s a mixed bag of awesome, suffering, terror, agony and joy . . . all wrapped up in an enigma . . . or something.

I never regret having my daughter, ever - even when she drives me crazy. She is so bright, creative and makes me proud almost every day. I’m truly blessed.

So, once again to all those dads out there - enjoy your children, and don’t forget your own dad - he’s awesome too.

And let’s face it, when the eyesight goes and the drool begins - your offspring will likely be the ones looking after you  . . .

So, another week passes and I’m still making my way through “Heretics of Dune” which, like I said last week, is quite good.

I should be able to polish it off this week - distractions aside.

In the land of TV viewing this week - I watched Spartacus: Gods of the Arena . . . another fun romp with generous dollops of sex and violence, of course.

And I’ve started doing yet another board game play through on my YouTube channel - Ancient Terrible Things, a card/dice push your luck game.

Tennis happens but once a week these days, but that's okay. Less chance of breaking something.

Yes, as I age I become more and more aware of how my body is getting set to betray me.


So, with that, I’ll leave off for another week.

Until next Sunday . . .

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