Sunday, June 29, 2014

cube root of 125000

Yup, that’s how old I’m turning . . .

Believe me, I seemed only yesterday I was in diapers, then I blinked, and . . . now this!

It really is hard to believe so many years have flown by. In my mind’s eye, I’m still twenty . . . but, as you may know if you read this blog, my body has other ideas about that.

So, today I’m off to my good friend’s farm to play board games - all day - and yes, all board games of my choosing.

What could be a better celebration for reaching the half century mark?

Well, for me anyhow - maybe you would celebrate differently.

So, the two games I am really wanting to play are as follows;

Spartacus - a 2-6 player game where you play the Dominus of a gladiatorial house trying to step over and pooch others while climbing the Roman influence ladder to reach the top position in status.

It has backstabbing, hidden auctions, slaves, guards and even battles in the arena between gladiators - just awesome fun.

The second is - Level 7 Omega Protocol - this one is a 1 vs many. So, a 2-6 player game. I’ll be playing as the Overseer, the behind the scenes mastermind controlling the environment and the alien menace.

The other 2-5 will be playing elite commandos . . . I am really looking forward to this!

And the icing on the cake - whipped cream.

As in the cake being a home made “black forest” and hence the whipped cream as the icing . . .

Well, I need to go read over a few more rules so I don’t mess up the two games too much - and I also need to cut up a mess of green beans, a bit of health food to go with supper.

When you get to be my age you just can’t eat chips and candy and drink pop all day anymore . . . well, you can, but your really, really don’t want to deal with the fallout - believe me!

And just so you know, as of this day I’m technically still 49 . . . but come next Sunday . . . um, I’ll be older!

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 22, 2014

off the chart

So I got this great little card game some time ago - and finally had a chance to give it a go.

It’s not really a deck builder, more a deck set collector.

The idea is to collect as many victory points as you can and try to stay alive - it is a competitive game but not a really nasty take that one.

For a very low price it is pretty darn good. I’ll need to take this one to gaming day soon and get my group to give it a go.

In fact, I think I may even do a play through on my YouTube channel of this game at some point.

And speaking of that, I wrapped up my play through of Ancient Terrible Things - using the correct rules. That makes a difference, believe me.

So, this year I’m going to be reaching the half a century mark - yeah, like I had any choice . . .

And to mark the occasion I got for myself a BBQ which is really, really good.

It’s a Napoleon Prestige series, and I must say I’ve had BBQs in the past - which were all total crap compared to this one.

Super solid construction - it should last me the rest of my life.

On the tennis front, I feel as though I’m getting back in my groove again.

I’ve been consistently using my old Max 200Gs now since returning from my ankle injury - and I’m playing really well.

I don’t think I’m going to bother trying any other rackets ever again.

I find it funny though the comments I still get about how small the head size is - it 84 sq inches, which by today’s standards of club play is really, really tiny.

Still, I love the control and vibration dampening I get from these old gems.

I finished Heretics of Dune - and I liked it quite a bit, but find the series seems to be going on longer than I would like. After the original trilogy - I don’t know that you need to read any more.

Still, it was worth getting through, if you find the need to learn more about what happens in the world of Dune from the master himself.

Well, my space is used again.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 15, 2014

day of the dad

Another year, another Father’s Day.

Happy day to all those males who passed along their genetic material to the next generation.

Being a dad has got to be one of the most rewarding, and frustrating, things ever.

It’s a mixed bag of awesome, suffering, terror, agony and joy . . . all wrapped up in an enigma . . . or something.

I never regret having my daughter, ever - even when she drives me crazy. She is so bright, creative and makes me proud almost every day. I’m truly blessed.

So, once again to all those dads out there - enjoy your children, and don’t forget your own dad - he’s awesome too.

And let’s face it, when the eyesight goes and the drool begins - your offspring will likely be the ones looking after you  . . .

So, another week passes and I’m still making my way through “Heretics of Dune” which, like I said last week, is quite good.

I should be able to polish it off this week - distractions aside.

In the land of TV viewing this week - I watched Spartacus: Gods of the Arena . . . another fun romp with generous dollops of sex and violence, of course.

And I’ve started doing yet another board game play through on my YouTube channel - Ancient Terrible Things, a card/dice push your luck game.

Tennis happens but once a week these days, but that's okay. Less chance of breaking something.

Yes, as I age I become more and more aware of how my body is getting set to betray me.


So, with that, I’ll leave off for another week.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 08, 2014

heretics I say

So, there is this book I’m reading - as you can see from the image.

I’m quite liking it. In fact, I’m liking it a lot more than its predecessor, God Emperor of Dune.

Being a long book, I’m not likely to polish it off for a couple more weeks, still I'm ahead of my goal for 2014 so I’m not worried.

And I continue to avoid game buying as I’m so behind on getting video series up on my YouTube channel of all the games I already own and want to do play throughs of.

In fact, I may not be getting any more games until September, when I’ll be returning to the big city every week once more.

I think that is a good thing.

I’ve also started watching another TV show series after finishing off Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which I must say I thought was actually pretty damn exciting and well done - if a bit gory and sex laden.

So, the new series (courtesy of the local library of course) is Andromeda . . . I know, and I heard that groan from you all the way through space and time . . .

Yes, it’s cheesy.

Yes, it’s not the greatest.

Yes, it’s starring Kevin Sorbo.

But, despite all that I’m kinda liking it for what it is.

And the special effects are really quite good - I was actually thinking they would be about equal to Babylon 5, or Space above and beyond - but they are quite a bit better.

On a side note of cute - we have a baby bunny and her mommy hanging around our back yard. The little guy is about the size of a hamster.

We leave carrots out for them and sure enough they chew it down - yes, rabbits really do like carrots.

Well, not a whole bunch more excitement to pass along for the week, so I’ll leave it off right here.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Jack of all Trades

So, with the new larger TV, I’ve taken to watching some shows I just never saw while they were on air.

This catch-up viewing is related to the fact that I don’t have cable, satellite or NetFlix, nor have I had any of those forms of TV going on close to two decades now . . .

No, really!

I do all my TV watching via DVDs - and our local library has a ton of them, which is fine by me since DVD sets are not cheap.

So, one such gem of a show I finally got to watch was, as the blog title suggests, “Jack of all Trades”, and I must say what a silly, fun show it is.

I’ve always been a fan of Bruce Campbell’s work anyhow, and this show is right up his ally.

And, to my surprise once I started watching it, the episodes are only one half hour long.

I had no idea, but still as a comedy, the half hour format works perfectly.

If you want some silly Bruce Campbell fun TV viewing, look no further than this show.

We have also been taking in some “Downton Abby”, which, after watching 3 episodes has me thinking - this is pretty far fetched, and nowhere even remotely as good as anything Dickens or Austin wrote.

Still, it was not intended to be. I think it is supposed to be a modernized version of those types of works - it’s watchable and pretty okay, but I am not enamored of it.

So what is next on the silly viewing schedule . . . um, Spartacus: blood and sand . . .

I admit, I don’t know too much about the show except for the over the top violence and sex, which maybe all it has going for it?

Well, this week I guess I’ll find out.

Until next Sunday . . .