Sunday, May 18, 2014

terrible things

Of the ancient variety . . .

So yeah, another board game enters the stockpile.

This time it’s a pretty quick dice chucker of a game - and pretty awesome all in one.

It plays 2-4 players, a minor drawback, but plays in less than an hour, coupled with dice rolling and card and token manipulation makes this a winner.

Lots of reviews on the intertubes so I’ll just say - no - it is not like Elder Sign . . . it is way better, IMO.

The grass - it is high and needs cutting.

Officially, I think this is supposed to mean spring is here, despite the last two nights of frost!

And it’s also a long weekend, which means lots of people get another day to enjoy being away from the grind.

That is good. And I’m off to play games this afternoon . . . I know, a shocker!

Anyhow, I had a pretty quiet week last week as I didn’t put up any YouTube videos of board game playthroughs - but this week I will be into another series, so there is that.

And tennis will happen again Monday - new grips on all three of my old Max 200Gs . . .

Not that it will make too much difference. So far I have not broken myself on the court since the last time (months ago now) when I crippled my ankle. Fingers crossed.

And the Gemmel book is nearly done . . . but the weather has improved, so couch time has been at a minimum . . .

Except for watching “Dead like Me” with my offspring . . . she likes it, but I cringe a little every time they drop the “F-bomb” on the show . . . still, it fits.

Oh, this past week we actually set up our basement as a viewing room - now we have places to sit and a new TV that is much larger than our old one.

The old one was a 32" which had a built in DVD player . . . which broke about two years ago . . . then the sound died . . . but, I had an external DVD player and it was hooked up to the stereo . . .

But, since it was six years old, it was time for a huge change . . . and, wow, way better.

Well, my time is once again up . . . so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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