Sunday, April 27, 2014

tower of the wizard

Holy Wow, batman!

So, I picked up The Wizard’s Tower, the expansion for Castle Panic, and man does this add a truckload of complexity to the game.

But, in a good way.

There are tons of reviews on the intertubes, so I’ll not try to cover much here, but just say it is really cool with new awesome cards and new awesome monsters and boss monsters - oh, and a Wizards’s Tower, of course, where you can get really powerful spells to cast.

It is game day today again (WooHoo, fun times two weeks in a row!), but I’m hesitant to bring the expansion along with the base game because I would really like to play it myself a bunch of times to get all the added rules down without trying to figure them out with the whole gang.

Suffice to say I am happy with it, and the level of panic just went up tenfold from the original game. So, if you thought the original Castle Panic was getting a bit stale and too easy - toss this puppy into the fire and . . . oh, yeah, I almost forgot, there are flaming boulders now too!

Well no tennis happened this week as we have visitors - but next week I’ll be hitting the courts again.

And I just didn’t get to finish the Heinlein book yet - maybe next week as well.

And just to cover off the truly mundane - I’m on the hunt for couches for the basement where we have the TV set up . . . auctions and Kijiji here I come.

Yeah, my life is all kinds of exciting!

So, short and semi-sweet this week with nothing much else to report for now. I do have a couple more games to cover off, but those can wait for other Sundays after I’ve had a chance to play them.

I’ll leave off now and let you get to it . . . whatever “it” is.

Have a great day!

Until next Sunday . . .

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