Sunday, April 06, 2014

thither and yawn

Another pretty uneventful week, without any trips to the Big City Game Store . . .

Which, I suppose, is a good thing considering.

I played two sets of two hour long sessions of tennis this week - and now both my ankles are killing me . . .


Oh well, at least the kink in my neck seems a little better . . .

And so yesterday was TableTopDay around the world. I watched a bit of the live stream from L.A.

It was pretty cool and certainly showed that there is a ton of love and support for board games . . . I’m not the only crazy one . . .

I actually didn’t get to play any games yesterday with others, but I did do more of my play through of Star Trek Expeditions for my YouTube channel.

That sort of counts, doesn’t it?

I have high hopes for this week in getting a lot more accomplished. I want to read a book or two, play a game or three, and clean the house a lot.

Kind of a spring cleaning, since, y’know, spring is supposed to be here and all.

Oh, and I did see a bunch of happy birds in my yard yesterday morning. A cardinal and a bright blue woodpecker, to name a couple, plus the ubiquitous robins digging through last year’s dead leaves in search of bugs.

So, there is that to cheer me up.

Not that I need cheering up, it’s just that when I look out my window and see snow banks (still!) and frost on my van’s window . . . well, seeing brightly coloured birds is an uplifting change of scene.

And yes, I digress into weather related chatter which means . . . I got nothing else . . . and so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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