Sunday, April 20, 2014

panic attack

So, I was just checking my local Kajiji listings for board games - and what do I find for 10 bucks?

Castle Panic!

So, um, yeah . . . there was this transaction.

Castle Panic, which came out like 2009, is a pretty damn fun game I must say.

I’ve only won it once out of, oh, around 7 tries . . . twice with family, 5 solo attempts. So, it is fairly hard to beat, but really well balanced.

Each game was quick, less than 45 minutes, and down to the wire. Just superb game design and balance. Bravo!

Oh, and it’s game day today so, yeah, I will be making . . . er, asking my good friends to try this one out with me. It plays up to 6, so should be no problem fitting it in.

And continuing on the game front, I got a chance to play once through “Void Station 57", and was really happy with it. It’s tense, easy, fun and well done. For a cheap programmable RPG light, this one is an absolute winner.

I didn’t win though, so will need to try again. The gist is you only have so much oxygen, and thus time, to complete your mission. The battles are done with neat color tokens on a cardboard playmat. I plan on running my gaming group through this gem. Very cool.

And I’m absolutely blown away by the now over 400 subscribers I have on my YouTube channel, the one where I do board game play throughs . . . what else. I am kind of in shock. 400 plus, um, yeah . . .

And tennis is going well too. My new old racket is great (Max 200G forevers!) and I’m starting to get the hang of it again after not playing with it for about a year.

On the reading front, I’m half way through Heinlein’s “The Door into Summer” and it is classic old school sci-fi. I am really enjoying it. It was first published in 1956, so yeah, pretty dated, yet still somehow still relevant for today.

Well, not much else to relate except my yard needs de-cluttering of dead leaves and fallen branches and . . . did I mention it’s gaming day today?

Until next Sunday . . .

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