Sunday, April 13, 2014

fun ding

I was looking forward to this weekend - warmer weather, some gaming, a trip to the Big City Game Store.

And instead, I’m typing this up with a killer soar throat and runny nose.

I know, stop my whining already. Still, it does hamper the enjoyment factor.

So, I do have one more game of note this week. It’s a cheap game that comes in a poly bag - um, yeah, don't get all judgey . . .

It’s called, Void Station 57, by Dark City Games, and it’s a programmable (very like a choose your own adventure) solo or group RPG light game set in space - of course.

The idea is you are making for Void Station 57, an outpost on the edge of known space, for some R&R and fuel.

And when you get there, the place is deserted, and dead, and - yeah, not good. The game is basically set to a timer. You need to find fuel for your ship, and find out what the hell happened here before it is too late.

I have yet to receive it, but it looks like a ton of fun, and quick - and did I mention cheap.?

Once I play through it solo, I plan on inflicting it on our gaming group (as the DM) as a 1 off game that, from what I can gather, takes a couple to three hours to complete.

So, a double win for me.

Now, on to tennis.

Looks like, because of this sucky illness, I’ll be skipping tennis this week. No need to pass this on to anybody else.

Oh, and this virus has made the rounds through our house already - I was the last prize winner.

Oh, and for those who care, TableTop Season 3 is all funded and ready to go . . . y’know, if you are into that sort of entertainment.

Well, as you can tell, I’ve not much to relay this week.

So, I’ll make my self some hot tea and pop a couple pain killers and see what I can squeeze out of the day.

Until next Sunday . . .

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