Sunday, March 16, 2014

the temple of Chac

So, as promised from last week’s rambling - here is yet another game I snapped up on my recent trip to the Big Game Store!

It is “The Adventurers: the temple of Chac” and it is a pretty light family game.

That is not to say it is not fun as our family does enjoy it, I merely state this fact for those wanting to know how it plays.

The mechanics are dead easy, you move more or fewer spaces depending on how much loot you are carrying, and try to get out of the temple with as much stolen loot as you can carry (more loot = less movement generally) before the boulder either crushes you or seals the entrance and you are trapped inside forever.

The boulder, as you guessed, is the timing device in the game which lasts about 45 minutes tops.

A few days ago we played a 5 player game and everybody actually escaped the temple with their original adventurer - and this was the first game for three of them.

Well done!

I tied for last . . .

Hey, nobody said that just because I own the game that I’m any good at it.

On other fronts - my play through of Mansions of Madness is complete over on my YouTube channel. I need to think of the next game to do a play through of starting next week some time.

I have so many choices - it’s going to be tough.

On the tennis front, I actually did the best on our court last week and yes, I’m back to using my dinosaur 1980's era Max 200G rackets again . . . I do have three now so will likely never switch again to something else.

On the book front I’ve managed to read 12 already this year with the goal of 36. I know this sounds low, but I look at page count not book count for my personal goal.

And that goal is 20,000 pages. So 20, 1000 page books would do it - if you follow me.

Well, not much else to say except I am looking forward to spring, which appears to be several months off based on the weather we have had recently and in the near forecast . . .

And when I transition into weather talk, you know I am stumped for content . . . so.

Until next Sunday . . .

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