Sunday, February 16, 2014

I know


missed a couple of weeks . . .

Sorry about that.

The first missed week had to do with shoveling snow . . . and then just proptly forgetting it was Sunday until it was far too late - like two days late.

The second missed week had to do with tired and busy - no excuse really, but there it is.

And, the grand total of things is - not much has transpired between the missed weeks and today.

So, I will say though that I've been cranking up a ton of YouTube game play videos the past few weeks and getting a fair number of subscribers to my channel.

I guess other folks out there like to see just how certain board games play and whether they would be a good purchase for themselves.

And I haven't bought any more games recently either . . . I know, a shocker!

Tennis, with the new old restrung racket, is going okay. I need to get those tennis muscles back in shape before I start to play well again.

So, no picture today on the post either . . . with no new game purchase, I just couldn't think of an appropriate one to paste up - so nothing for today.

Well, as I said, nothing too much has taken place the past while except game play videos and shoveling and trying to keep warm this frosty winter.

Until next Sunday . . . unless I forget - again!

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