Sunday, January 26, 2014

play more games

Yeah, incorrigible . . . that’s me and board games these days.

Still, what an awesome hobby, eh? Also, international TableTop day this year is . . . April 5th!

So my weekly trek to the game store in the big city saw me scooping up another couple of games . . . and one expansion for a friend.

Let me elaborate.

About two weeks ago I knew the grand total of nothing about Shadworift the deck building card game.

As of today, I’m thinking it may be one of the most brilliant co-op deck builders around - yes, I know Legendary seems to be holding that title currently, but still, this game is really cool.

You are basically defending a town of villagers from an incursion of monsters coming through, you guessed it, shadow rifts.

The monsters (six different kinds in this base set to fight against, like wow) are intent on killing all the villagers and destroying the town.

It is up to the players (yeah, us, the heroes) to put a stop to it.

We can win the game in one of two ways - seal all the shadow rifts, or build all eight walls to keep the monsters at bay for ever . . .

Sounds like a cake walk . . . um, yeah.

Get to try it out later today as our game group in gathering for some board and card game fun - can’t wait.

And the other game I picked up on discount because the box was slightly damaged is called Claustrophobia, a two player dungeon romp light. This tile laying board game has some pretty cool mechanics and the beauty is that you can finish a game in well under one hour.

No kidding.

And my Firefly the board game solo play is being uploaded to the tubes of You this week. It doesn’t work so well solo, but the play through I’m doing should let others know if it is a good game for them or not.

And I was looking forward to playing with my new old racket this week but the tennis aerobics got cancelled and I have to wait for Monday night now . . . oh, well, it’s good to be excited about hitting the courts.

Speaking of courts, when our club moves locations in two years they are going to build new ones with indoor courts - not clay! I am so excited about this as indoor courts are my all-time favourite, with clay being my least liked surface.

I can’t wait for that to happen too.

Well, once more the page is full, and I must away. Oh, and the expansion I mentioned is the card pack for Dungeon Roll which is 8 more characters for that base game doubling the number of character choices.

Now, I’m off - have a great week. And as Wil commands - Play More Games!

Until next Sunday . . .

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