Sunday, January 12, 2014

oh the eldritch horror!

Um, well, yeah - as of yesterday there is this new board game in my collection . . .

. . . and it looks awesome!

I am probably in the vast minority when I say that Arkham Horror is not in my top ten board games . . . no, really, it may not even crack my top fifty.

I find it okay as a co-op game, but it just doesn’t really do it for me in any meaningful way. It’s so very random and sometimes so very long and dare I say it . . . kinda boring at times . . . there, I said it.

But, after reviewing all the rules and watching some videos of Eldritch Horror, I’m pretty stoked about this Cthulhu Mythos game.

The reason is, it seems as though the designing team at Fantasy Flight took all the things that bogged down Arkham Horror and got rid of them in this, the global, version of the game.

It’s shares a lot of mechanics with Arkham Horror but is much more polished with specific cards for specific old ones thus eliminating the out of place encounters.

Spells have unknown results when you use them and collecting clue tokens is a task not a “land on the space and snag one”, which is very cool and thematic. And these clues are directly linked to the old one you are playing against - well done!

So whereas I find Arkham Horror kinda random and sometimes flat, it looks like Eldritch Horror has fixed almost all the things I didn’t really care for in Arkham Horror.

Now, all I need to do is get some friends together and take down some ancient evil on a global scale - it will be fun, and looking very hard to do as the game is relentless.

And tennis is going along for me at a casual pace. This is good as the risk of injury is low, but I may need to get out to some tennis aerobics to get the urge to kill the ball out of my system.

And on the writing front - yes you read correctly, Writing Front - I’m working on a novel this year with the goal of having it finished by year’s end. No excuses anymore! It’s going to be one novel a year for me from now on.

I mean, I’ve already completed two novels before and have a pretty good handle on what is involved. I’m taking this month to iron out the plot so when I turn up the heat on cranking out chapters starting February I won’t be scratching my head about what happens next.

And my YouTube Zombicide play through is coming along fairly well. Some are thrown by my alternate spawning rules, but I find with fewer than 6 characters in the game (I'm using three) if the spawn areas spawn every time you get swamped and killed in about three turns - which is not fun, and I play games mostly to have fun, so there you have it.

And if none of that made any sense to you, don’t sweat it.

Well, once again my page is full so I will away . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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