Sunday, December 01, 2013

danger Wil Wheatonson

Well, another week has flown by - but I actually only worked a couple days and feel almost human again. And I’m only on the schedule for three days this week coming up. Nice!

And the danger in the blog post heading refers to the almost weekly trips to the big city I will be making for the balance of this year and then next year.

Why danger? - um, because the uber game store is a mere fifteen minute walk from the place I’ll be going to every weekend . . .

Yeah, it started already yesterday.

So, what did I buy for games, you ask? . . .

Er, well, I got “Once Upon a Time” which is a story telling game where you tell a story from cards in your hand and try to lead it towards the unique ending you are dealt.

If you can get rid of all your cards and then play your ending, you win.

Of course, others will be trying to interrupt your story and continue it with their own version hoping to direct it towards their ending for the win.

It’s pretty creative and looks like a load of fun and we will be playing it tonight.

And, um, the other game I happened to pick up was, “Level 7: Omega Protocol”

This is a squad based tactical miniature game where one player plays the aliens in the overrun underground top-secret military research facility (what else), and the other (up to 5 players) play elite combat troops with specialized skill sets going in, taking names, finding out what happened, and kicking alien butts.

It’s a mash between “Mansions of Madness” and “Descent” and based on several reviews I’ve read online and seen on the intertubes it surpasses each of those games for what it is.

I’m pretty stoked about it . . . and my first game addiction meeting is in a week . . .

Just kidding - problem, what problem? . . .

Also, with the switch in my schedule (meaning my daughter has switched orchestras) I am free Monday nights to get back into tennis again.

This means my wife and I will be going down the same night and playing in the same league. I’m super happy about this development as well.

And my playthrough of “Dawn of the Zeds” should be wrapping up this month if I can get my act together and finish it. Only about 12 or so more turns to go.

So many games to play, so little time . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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