Sunday, December 29, 2013

Twilight day

No, not that Twilight! (Finger, nay entire arm, down throat!)

So, finally, after that darn ice storm cancelled our Huge Game Day last weekend - it’s on again today!

Yup, time for me to pull out the hundred pound, coffin-box sized game of Twilight Imperium III and sit down with friends for a whole bunch of hours of galactic conquest and political intrigue.

And I was almost, just almost, tempted to pick up the newest expansion for the game - like this game needs more moving parts? . . .

It would have added a bunch more cool things to the game, but since we only ever play, at best, once a year, I gave it a pass.

Still, I have the base game and the first expansion, which already added a ton of new stuff as it is.

Yesterday, after returning home from a short trip, the weather was warm enough for me to go outside and chisel the inch of ice off of the sidewalk in front of our house, and about half the driveway.

It was damn hard, let me tell you.

Snow I can handle.

Ice, is a female dog!

It is gone now, but I can feel it in my back and arms. Getting old is also a female dog!

And I just started reading Leviathan Wakes, a huge-ass space opera that I got over Christmas in Kobo form. I must say - I’m really liking it.

Only about a couple hundred pages in, but it is intriguing and spiced with just the right amount of space opera butt-kicking action.

If you like space opera, you will likely like this one. It’s by James S. A Corey.

I played a bit harder tennis last week and am happy to report my ankle held up just fine.

I’m not going to push it like I did in the past, but it was good to know that “moderate” tennis seems to be okay.

If time is money . . . how come I’m so poor?

Anyhow, time for me to go and get ready for today’s epic space game.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, December 22, 2013

stuff happens

So, today was to be the big game day - Twilight Imperium III . . .

However, the snow and ice gods decided this was not to be and I’m stuck at home today in the middle of a large ice storm.

Guess I will need to break out a solitaire game or convince my family to play something - or I could clean the house . . .

And it looks like my part-time job suddenly last week became a no-time job . . .

Yeah, no kidding.

My boss took a fit at me for some insanely small thing, so I walked away from his feverish diatribe - he did not like this.

After chewing me out even more for that maneuver, I thought to myself. Hmm, minimum wage, and putting up with an A-hole of a boss? . . .

Um, no thanks.

And so, come the new year, I’ll be using my grey matter to find other ways to make some coin.

Life is just full of changes - and A-holes . . .

Sad, but true.

So, anyhow, looks like later today I’ll be getting out the pick axe, or flame thrower, and trying to chisel some of the ice off our driveway and sidewalk.

It is a complete mess out there right now - and the freezing rain is still slated to come down for most of the rest of today.

I also finished up my Level 7 [Omega Protocol] playthrough on YouTube - I managed to do the whole thing in a week . . . guess I really liked that game!

Thinking of doing something possibly Zombie related for my next series.

And tennis went well last Monday - although I did feel some discomfort in my ankle about half way through. Guess my old bones are not totally healed yet.

Well, if you celebrate some kind of celebration this coming week, have a good one and stay safe.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shovel this!

Well, you knew it was coming - snow, that is.

I’m not a big baby or anything, but when I trek to the big city game store I like to do so without trudging through six inches of snow coupled with forty mile per hour winds and below freezing temperatures . . .

Okay, maybe I am just a big baby.

Still, yesterday was pretty nasty - and guess what?

That’s right - I didn’t buy a new game!

Er, what, you did I just write? . . .

No, it's true - let’s just say lugging a bag full of games back into that weather just didn’t seem like a whole lot of fun.

So, I passed on any purchase this week - there is always next time, and the time after that and . . .

On a more physically exciting note - I hit the tennis courts last week for the first time in months.

It felt really good to hit the ball again, and yes I sucked pretty badly, but it didn’t matter one bit - I had fun, so all was good.

My ankle did flare up a wee bit about half way through, so there was that, but it seemed to calm down near the end.

I think of it as a subtle reminder that I won’t be playing any power tennis for quite some time - if ever again.

Oh well.

On another note, my play through of Level 7 [Omega Protocol] is doing better than my last series, which is not really the point, but still it inspires more videos.

And 52 books have fallen under my gaze this year, but I don’t know how many more will get absorbed. Perhaps a couple or three more.

As for the “part-time” work front, they initially scheduled me in for 40 hours next week. Um, excuse me? . . .

After wondering WTF that was all about, I found out my boss thought it would be a nice Christmas gift to give me more hours . . .

Um, have I mentioned that my boss is cracked?

Anyhow, after my telling him no thanks, I’m back to 24 hours, which is still pushing the maximum my old body can handle . . .

Well, once again I am sure you have other sites and sounds to stimulate you - so,

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, December 08, 2013

what is next?

I’ve had lots and lots of positive feedback on my video play through series of the board game, Dawn of the Zeds, and so, I’m going to start up another series.

I’ll be playing through the first mission of, Level 7: Omega Protocol. In this board game, one person plays the aliens, the others the commandos.

The game is a mash-up of the mechanics of Mansions of Madness and Descent 2nd edition. Which, is very cool. And with aliens and commandos . . . Oh, Yeah!

The trick to running the game solo is to be ruthless on both sides, and this game lets you do just that. There are a ton of options for both commandos and aliens, as you will see if you watch along.

I’ve played it three times so far, (commandos 2, aliens 1), to get the rules down and I think I’m about ready to give the first mission a shot behind the camera.

And tomorrow, I am back on the tennis courts for the first time in months. I’m playing with weaker players, which is perfect for getting back into it.

I will likely be very rusty and make a lot of horrible shots. Oh well, it is for fun now as I think this last injury to my ankle has taught my stubborn mind the reality of things and old body limitations.

And it feels like I blinked during August, and suddenly December is here.

Our tree is now up, did it last weekend, and the house looks more or less ready for Santa to shoot down our chimney and gobble cookies.

And, our daughter is now officially in a different orchestra, which is just fine by me, as this week’s overdose of practices led to her playing very little (like 15 minutes) at last nights 2 and a half hour choir concert.

So, I’ll be off to the big city again this coming weekend, and you just know another game or two will appear for my update next week.

Yeah, I’m irrepressible.

And I finished reading book 50 for the year yesterday - which was my adjusted goal, so good on me. I’ll even finish a few more I think before 2014 hits the calendars.

Also, I guess I’m officially in the union at work now so am now much harder to get rid of. And, the last two weeks have been 20 hours each - way more manageable on my body.

Well, not much else to report, so I will leave you to travel elsewhere on the intertubes.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, December 01, 2013

danger Wil Wheatonson

Well, another week has flown by - but I actually only worked a couple days and feel almost human again. And I’m only on the schedule for three days this week coming up. Nice!

And the danger in the blog post heading refers to the almost weekly trips to the big city I will be making for the balance of this year and then next year.

Why danger? - um, because the uber game store is a mere fifteen minute walk from the place I’ll be going to every weekend . . .

Yeah, it started already yesterday.

So, what did I buy for games, you ask? . . .

Er, well, I got “Once Upon a Time” which is a story telling game where you tell a story from cards in your hand and try to lead it towards the unique ending you are dealt.

If you can get rid of all your cards and then play your ending, you win.

Of course, others will be trying to interrupt your story and continue it with their own version hoping to direct it towards their ending for the win.

It’s pretty creative and looks like a load of fun and we will be playing it tonight.

And, um, the other game I happened to pick up was, “Level 7: Omega Protocol”

This is a squad based tactical miniature game where one player plays the aliens in the overrun underground top-secret military research facility (what else), and the other (up to 5 players) play elite combat troops with specialized skill sets going in, taking names, finding out what happened, and kicking alien butts.

It’s a mash between “Mansions of Madness” and “Descent” and based on several reviews I’ve read online and seen on the intertubes it surpasses each of those games for what it is.

I’m pretty stoked about it . . . and my first game addiction meeting is in a week . . .

Just kidding - problem, what problem? . . .

Also, with the switch in my schedule (meaning my daughter has switched orchestras) I am free Monday nights to get back into tennis again.

This means my wife and I will be going down the same night and playing in the same league. I’m super happy about this development as well.

And my playthrough of “Dawn of the Zeds” should be wrapping up this month if I can get my act together and finish it. Only about 12 or so more turns to go.

So many games to play, so little time . . .

Until next Sunday . . .