Sunday, October 27, 2013

oh the horror

Well, as All Hallow’s Eve approaches, I resumed my playthrough of Dawn of the Zeds on YouTube. Next episode will be uploaded tomorrow.

I was going to abandon the project altogether because I really thought nobody was the least bit interested in watching me fend off zombie hordes in the town of Farmingdale.

I was wrong.

There are actually viewers of the series, and one of them even left a comment wondering when the next episode was going to be uploaded . . .

I was like . . . huh . . . kinda stunned.


I thought to myself, somebody is taking the time to watch this, and enjoying it?

So, spurred on by at least one viewer, the series will continue as I will play it through to its bitter conclusion.

Also, I’m getting much better at working IMovie, so editing an episode takes me only about half an hour now. Shooting one takes about the same time - so, in about an hour plus I can get one game turn of Zeds produced. Not bad.

And as for my part-time job - Holy Jeepers already! - another week of almost full-time hours.

I am going to refuse extra shifts starting immediately - my old body can not take the strain. There are a bunch of much younger folks who can pick up the heavy lifting slack.

And yes, Namowrimo is just around the corner . . . and I’m not going to participate. I would much rather finish up my Zeds playthrough and get playing a bunch of other games I’ve been picking up since working . . . like;

Resident Evil the deck building game . . .

Long story short. I’ve been playing Resident Evil 5 on the PC and having great fun with it. I like card and board games. There is a Resident Evil deck builder? Kaaching - it’s mine, and needs playing.

Yeah, I know, another one. It plays 1-4 players and is directly connected, artwork and thematically, to the Resident Evil video games - mostly 4 and 5.

So, Nanowrimo 2013. Sorry. Maybe next year?

As for exciting developments on the home front - I need to install a new toilet this week . . .

And um, yeah, this would probably a good place to end.

Until next Sunday . . .

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