Sunday, October 27, 2013

oh the horror

Well, as All Hallow’s Eve approaches, I resumed my playthrough of Dawn of the Zeds on YouTube. Next episode will be uploaded tomorrow.

I was going to abandon the project altogether because I really thought nobody was the least bit interested in watching me fend off zombie hordes in the town of Farmingdale.

I was wrong.

There are actually viewers of the series, and one of them even left a comment wondering when the next episode was going to be uploaded . . .

I was like . . . huh . . . kinda stunned.


I thought to myself, somebody is taking the time to watch this, and enjoying it?

So, spurred on by at least one viewer, the series will continue as I will play it through to its bitter conclusion.

Also, I’m getting much better at working IMovie, so editing an episode takes me only about half an hour now. Shooting one takes about the same time - so, in about an hour plus I can get one game turn of Zeds produced. Not bad.

And as for my part-time job - Holy Jeepers already! - another week of almost full-time hours.

I am going to refuse extra shifts starting immediately - my old body can not take the strain. There are a bunch of much younger folks who can pick up the heavy lifting slack.

And yes, Namowrimo is just around the corner . . . and I’m not going to participate. I would much rather finish up my Zeds playthrough and get playing a bunch of other games I’ve been picking up since working . . . like;

Resident Evil the deck building game . . .

Long story short. I’ve been playing Resident Evil 5 on the PC and having great fun with it. I like card and board games. There is a Resident Evil deck builder? Kaaching - it’s mine, and needs playing.

Yeah, I know, another one. It plays 1-4 players and is directly connected, artwork and thematically, to the Resident Evil video games - mostly 4 and 5.

So, Nanowrimo 2013. Sorry. Maybe next year?

As for exciting developments on the home front - I need to install a new toilet this week . . .

And um, yeah, this would probably a good place to end.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, October 20, 2013

knuckle buckle

Two things I should have learned by this point in life are,

1) don’t rush

2) pay attention to your surroundings

When you ignore these two the likely outcome is - nothing much will happen to you.

Of course, every once in a while, when ignoring those two you get into trouble.

Such was the case for me yesterday.

Now, I’m making this sound all ominous and life-threatening, which is not in any way the case.

However, I’m in some discomfort because of rushing and not paying attention to my surroundings.

What happened?

Well, I was busy in my lair when the phone rang - so I rushed upstairs while not paying attention to a wall and literally smashed my hand into it . . .

Kind of like stubbing your toe, but in this case it was stubbing my middle finger . . .

Yes, it sounds as stupid as I felt after the incident.

The end result is I think I sprained my middle finger joint, the big knuckle if you will, of my right hand.

I have limited flexibility now with it and it hurts a bunch when I try to grip things or flex my middle finger . . .

So much for flipping people the bird for a while.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh at this old man . . . hell, I laughed at myself through the initial tears of pain.

So, friends and neighbours, always pay attention to your surroundings and don’t rush - it is not worth it.

Oh, and also don’t use your hand held devices while driving - ever!

But on the up side - today is game day again and it looks like we will be battling it out to see who will be the supreme lord of Waterdeep.

I just hope I don’t need to use my middle finger too much . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, October 13, 2013

they want me

I have only been working ‘part time’ for a month at the grocery store and they, the management, want me to be full time . . .

Um . . . say, what?

Yeah, I’m sure that is pretty much your reaction too.

As well, the other guy I started with, just got canned last week.

Guess I’m their star player.

And my back is getting much stronger. Why just a few days ago I was slinging 21 kg boxes of cat litter around like they were wheat puffs . . . or something.

Well, okay, they were damn heavy, but I managed to top shelf all ten of them without giving myself a hernia or dislocating anything - which is a plus at my age.

As for full time - um - not going to happen.

And here is why.

I’m not about to toss over to our government a goodly chuck of my meager earnings.

If I stay part time I can slip right under their minimum tax bracket and pay a big fat zero in income tax.

At full time - they will shave almost 20% off my earnings - bastards!

So - not going to happen. Oh, that and plus the fact that my old body would likely just break after all the heavy lifting 40 hours a week would entail.

On now on to other things because work talk is second only to weather chats as the most boring subject on earth . . .

So, on the book front I started ‘A Clash of Kings’, and I must say . . . not as riveting as the first book but engaging enough to have me already 300 pages in and still interested in reading on. And I’m reading it on my Kobo because I already do a lot of heavy lifting at work without having to at home.

I’m also reading the mega-module, ‘Rise of the Runelords’ - it’s a huge Pathfinder module that takes characters from 1st to 18th level . . . It’s actually pretty darn good, comprised of 6 modules in one . . .

. . . and if you don’t have any idea what I was just writing about, don’t worry yourself.

And on the game front - I got Dungeon Command. It’s a miniatures skirmish game and is pretty good. It’s best described, by many reviewers, as a love child between D&D and Magic: the Gathering. And the miniatures can double for any D&D RPG game as well as the interlocking tiles which are nicely detailed.

Oh, and they even threw in cards for each monster which can be used in the D&D adventure games as well . . . and I’ve lost most of you again . . .

And yes, I zoned out last week and missed posting. I worked all weekend and plum forgot about Sunday’s commitment to this here blog until about Tuesday . . . sorry bout that . . .

I’ll try to not let it happen again . . .

Well, not a lot left to drivel on about, so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .