Sunday, September 22, 2013

part time eh

Well, this week’s episode of part time work saw me clocking in at six days worked out of seven . . .

Yeah, I am growing pretty strong with all the weight lifting.

Not complaining though - the more I work, the more I have to spend on games . . .

And, today is once again, Game Day!

I think we will be taking a crack at Lords of Waterdeep for four players, then if time permits, trying to stop the Borg invasion with a little Next Gen card game action.

Whatever happens, it’s all good.

Oh, and I started a Dawn of the Zeds playthrough which I will link,

Right here - Dawn of the Zeds Playthrough Part 1

So, with all the working and stuff not much of any consequence took place this week.

As a side note, handling ten metric tons of cardboard per day tends to severely dry out my fingertips . . . and I need to find some kind of industrial strength, non-greasy moisturizer to combat this issue.

On the side of the side note, which would make it along the edge I guess, I am scheduled to work only two days this week . . . whew, I need the muscle break.

Of course, I was not supposed to work yesterday but then got called in for a full eight hours . . .

I’m going to try this week to continue my playthrough of Dawn of the Zeds, and possibly even read another book or two . . . if possible.

Well, that about wraps up my life of extreme sports and excitement . . .

Oh, and about the sports . . . I have yet to take up the tennis racket again . . . soon.

I hope.

Once I don’t feel quite so abused from all the box slugging, that is.

Well, time has slipped away once more.

Until next Sunday . . .

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