Sunday, September 01, 2013

full circle

I apologize for today’s scrunched up image, but it is totally pertinent, totally Watterson, and totally Awesome!

- Warning - old man story commencing! -

So, when I was a kid, like decades ago, I got a part time job in a small grocery store in the town I grew up in.

I loved it.

I stocked shelves, opened doors for customers, ran the cash, and bounced jawbreakers off the floor when nobody was around to see if I could actually get them to hit the 9 foot ceiling without them shattering on the floor first . . .

. . . believe me, that was a challenge . . .

- Warning ended - old man story over! -

First things first today, I got another video made and up over at the tube of you.

Here it is: 1 in 4, Episode 6, Dragonslayer

I made this one using the new Mac - what a joy compared to that horrible excuse of a video maker that comes with Windows 7.

Anyhow, hope you like it - a bit.

Now, on to the Watterson cartoon from today’s post. Funny how I happened upon this just at the time my life is about to take another little turn.

It is so relevant to my current life situation (explained below) and so totally awesome I can’t even express to you how I feel about it.

You either see it for what it is, or you don’t.

Anyhow, what I speak of is my imminent new job starting this coming week.

Yup, I’m back in a grocery store once again - stocking shelves . . . but the girls run the cash, the doors are automatic (ala Star Trek) and jawbreakers are nowhere to be seen.

. . . Hmmm, wonder what I can bounce off the floor . . .

Still, it is full circle for me, and you know what - I’m happy about it. This store is a five minute walk from my house. That is absolutely perfect.

Now, most people who know about this new line of work for me are all for it and happy, but some are outraged that I’m doing something totally beneath my abilities . . . to this I have only one response:

See the Watterson cartoon I posted here today.

If you don’t get the message there, well, I really feel sorry for you.

Now, my time is up once again.

Until next Sunday . . .

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