Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dawn of the Zeds

Yup - another one. My hoarding instincts for board games apparently knows no bounds . . .

And doesn’t it seem that there is no end of Zombie apocalypse board and video games these days?

Some are good, some are bad, and some are just frik’n Awesome!

“Dawn of the Zeds” fits squarely into the “Awesome” category for me, no doubt about it.

But why is this board game so Awesome, you ask?

Well, let me explain.

First, it is a solo game . . . and there are no minis, only a pile of coloured chits . . . and two pretty small dice . . .

. . . that actually sounds crappy by today’s mega-flash board game standards, no?

Well, what this game lacks in flashy components, it way, WAY more than makes up for in tense, exciting and just plain Awesome (yup, using that word again) game play.

It is a game by Victory Point Games, and there statement, right on the box, is “the gameplay’s the thing” and boy do they put that statement into practice almost perfectly in this game.

It’s a solo, defend-the-town game in which you have some civilians and four starting heroes to try and hold off the horde of undead until the National Guard arrives.

You can research a Super Weapon, or even a cure, build barricades, minefields, shoot at zombies or fight them hand to hand, forage for more ammo and supplies, run refugees to town, and a ton of other options . . . but, you have very few action points each turn and those damn zombies are pretty strong and on a relentless march to feast on your unit’s brains.

You never have enough actions to do all the things you need to do, but this just makes the game tons of fun as you agonize over every action point you spend, then second guess yourself after you do.

You will curse, breath a sigh of relief, cheer or groan with each flip of the event cards . . . no, really, it is that kind of game.

Basically, you need to get through a deck of between 24, 34, 48 or 59 cards, depending on which scenario length you wish to play.

I play using all cards and all special units and all available special actions in the game - it’s more complicated, but not so much so as to drive you crazy, just the perfect combination of nail biter and cool things showing up in the game.

I am going to do a playthrough on YouTube of this game, so you can come see how it works there if you want. Trust me, it really is worthy of the over-used “Awesome” descriptor.

If you like solitaire games, and you like defend the town from zombie games, and you like damn cool Awesome games - go and get this right now, you will not be the least bit sorry you did.

Until next Sunday . . .

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