Sunday, July 28, 2013

moving pictures

So, this past week has seen me not making any videos . . . except a small update one.

Next week I have on the schedule another 1 in 4 episode . . .

And this week my daughter is off to a summer, one week course, on making movies.

She is highly creative and I think this will be a great opportunity for her to see if she is interested in that sort of thing as a possible career . . . which I’m pretty sure she is, but what do I know?

Also this week some games were played - some solo, and a couple more with others.

I got the new version of Star Trek the Deck Building game which, because it’s the newest one, features the original cast . . . of course . . .

The other two older ones feature The Next Generation.

I must say I quite like it and with a solo variant it is challenging and  fun. I may cart it along today for game day with my friends and see if any are interested in giving it a go. There is no co-op game though, it’s only downside.

And yesterday, I played a game of Arkham Horror with six others. We dusted the Dust dude (forgot his name) by closing and sealing 6 gates.

Piece of cake!

The second game I played was Mage Knight the board game with three others. Um, this one is a brain burner, but I think I actually like it.

We played a competitive game and I was the winner . . . of the losers. So yes, I was the best loser of them all . . .

Today will be another day of gaming and I don’t know what to bring along besides the Star Trek game.

And as another excuse for not having a YouTube video (of substance) up this week has been the fact that we are repainting my daughter’s room.

And the cleaning, de-cluttering bonanza continues as well, which is making me feel so much better about my general living space.

We set up a huge set of shelves in our basement and all the camping gear is now neatly stored there as well as some other bulky items instead of just lying in heaps on the floor.

So far, so good.

And no tennis this week either. My damn ankle is still causing me grief, but I think . . . I hope . . . it is getting better.

Well, as usual the time has just flown by and I need to prepare for anther day of gaming . . . I know, tough life . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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