Sunday, June 16, 2013

week of non

Well, this week I managed to bask in the sun, go for long walks, and accomplish the grand total of . . . well, not much.

Sounds just like an ideal vacation, no?

Well, yes actually, but not a scheduled one.

I did managed to work out a fair bit, but am a bit bummed out by the fact that my ankle randomly starts killing me when I least expect it. I think it may never fully heal . . .

I read about fifty pages of the book I’m working on, which is almost like not reading at all.

I didn’t get a new YouTube video up this week.

I didn’t . . . well you get the idea.

I did, however, manage to research a ton of board games . . . because, well, yeah the whole obsession thing and my B-Day is coming up - a perfect excuse to add to my growing collection.

And, I have grand plans for next Saturday to play some of the games I already own with friends . . .

That’s progress, of a sort . . . right?

Oh, and I got new tires installed on the car . . . which is . . . um . . . yeah, I really got nothing to report this week, do I.

So here is hoping next week will be action-packed and full of exciting forward momentum earth-changing activities.

And today is Father’s Day today, which I pretty much forgot about . . . and so will my offspring, I’m sure, unless my wife reminds her . . .

Doesn’t really matter much to me - I know I’m an awesome dad.

Well, here are my goals for next week, just so I can keep track of what I’m trying to get done in the next seven days.

1) finish the book I’m reading.

2) get my next YouTube video up.

3) lock on a game purchase for my B-Day coming up soon.

4) play more games . . . okay, stolen from Wil . . .

5) exercise more and eat less . . .

Well, that wraps up my non week.

Until next Sunday . . .

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