Sunday, June 02, 2013

less than lots

Well, this week was not the blockbuster of activity I hoped it would be.

I managed to crank out another YouTube video, which you can view right here:

1 in 4, Episode 3

This one is a book review.

So, the reason my productivity suffered this week is for the simple fact that the cold virus I thought I had is more like a bacterial infection - the reason I conclude this - the simple fact that it’s still hanging around.

Two bleeping weeks later!

I’m about 80% of normal . . . okay, normal for me that is.

Which sounds pretty okay - until I try to do too many things and then begin hacking, snorting and tiring out.

I am fairly confident that by the end of next week I should be back to 90%, or perhaps slightly higher.

Still, this lingering ailment is getting a bit annoying to say the least.

And yes, I should likely have gone to the doctor after my symptoms did not go away by day ten, but I’m slowing improving and the doctor would likely advice me to - go home and rest - which is what I did anyhow.

My ankle is also doing about 80% - which is just not good enough to run around the tennis court. I have yet to investigate good ankle braces before I try that silliness again.

I can treadmill though - but this infection in my throat makes that a bit problematic as well.

So, enough griping from me . . .

And, for once, I don’t have a new board game to talk about this week . . . I know, very odd, I must indeed be ill . . .

This coming week I’ll be cranking out Vlog number 4 - it is likely be a TV show review . . .

It’s somewhat fun to just pick something I like and talk about it for a short time - I hope those handful of people silly enough to view them enjoy them at least a little.

I’m off now to do a mountain of laundry . . . yeah, I’m multifaceted, like a bug’s eye . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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