Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well, not a whole bunch to relate this week - sort of a repeat of last week with a few exceptions.

The first is I did in fact finish a book, but not the one I was wanting to finish.

Still, that’s pretty good.

You see, the weather is getting really summer like in these parts and I’m finding myself outside doing things a lot more and less inside doing things . . . if you follow me.

So, with that said it is not surprising that I managed to not do another video this week.

However, my first video is up at Geek and Sundry and needs votes to get noticed . . .

They will be adding ten new vlog people to the YouTube channel. I think there were about 400 submissions or so.

I have, I think, more chance of being struck by lightening, bitten by a shark and winning a lottery without a ticket simultaneously than being selected.

Still, that being said, if you want to vote for me the link is here: my vlog thingy

And yesterday was a day of Mice and Mystics the board game. I played with a friend and his twin teenage daughters and I think they really enjoyed it.

It was pretty fun even though we lost, but decided to win, on the last tile of the game.

We had some pretty rotten luck the first half of the game so we cut ourselves some slack right at the end.

And nothing to report on the tennis front either except to say my ankle still pains me when it bends certain ways . . . this is not good, and just reminds me that if I want to get out there and play I need to find a brace.

So, like I said, not a whole lot to write about this week.

Likely more of the same next week.

Until next Sunday . . .

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