Sunday, May 12, 2013

expanding horizons & unchanging mass

No, I do not speak of my midsection, but of my new project coming to the intertubes in the very near future . . .

But, just for a sentence or three, I will speak of my midsection.

My weight is exactly as it has been for the past several months.




Even though I’m back on the treadmill an hour a day, walking at a brisk 4 to 4.5 miles/per hour and, according to the readouts, burning about 500 calories per trek.

So yes, my ankle is doing much better, but still not sturdy enough for tennis - damn!

I’m almost ready to sell myself to science as a freak of nature for my ability to exercise like a lunatic or not exercise, eat six pounds of food a day of six ounces, and never change weight at all.

Then again, who ever said I was normal . . . which brings me to the new project.

I got to thinking, why not join the millions of fools personalities on Youtube and create my own channel . . . my daughter said she would follow me . . .

Okay . . . maybe I promised to pay her if she did . . .

No really, I mean why not?

I have things to say, things to review, comments to make, jokes to inflict, and the time to do it in.

I see the rolling eyes, face palms and hear the groans . . . I expect that, and worse, but hey, I’m resilient if unchanging in mass . . .

I even picked up a new camera this week since my old one is as old as my daughter - and in terms of electronics that is beyond vintage and pretty much falls into the useless category in today’s world.

So, the new camera (Canon A2500) shoots HD video, well 720p, and the test video I did looked pretty darn sweet - so this week I’ll be creating my first video at putting myself out there like a shooting range target . . .

I’ll post a link when it’s done so you can come hurl insults, jibes and profanity in the comment section . . .

It will be a gas . . . I'm thinking argon, not methane . . .

So, what’s my plan for the channel?

Because, you know, I have a plan . . . it’s what I do.

Well the idea it dead simple.

My first series will be called, 4 in 4, and appear (if I can figure out how to do things in an efficient manner) once a week.

Yup, 4 things I like in 4 minutes or less under the categories of TV, Movies, Books, Games.

I’ll be trying to use Windows Movie Maker to splice it all together . . .

Wish me luck . . . or roll your eyes . . . I leave the response up to you.

Until next Sunday . . .

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