Sunday, April 28, 2013


Man I hate just sitting on the couch, reading . . .

Oh, wait . . . no, that’s not so bad actually.

No, the hated thing is having my muscles start to atrophy because I can’t do any workouts or tennis or much of anything related to physical activity which includes my ankle.

I can do some weights routines though . . . yeah, fun.

I’m giving my lame ankle another week to smarten up - then it’s off to the gym again to try and regain that little bit of muscle tone I achieved before damaging myself.

According to the intertubes, (if it’s on there you know it’s true) it takes between four and six weeks to recover from a sprained ankle . . .

I’ve been at this recovery thing now for just over a week and don’t think I can stand not doing active things much longer, let alone for another three to five weeks.

I will go nuts . . . okay, more nuts.

Anyhow, with an actual update, the ankle itself is almost swelling free, but it still gives me aches and pains when I walk on it.

I’m thinking, another week of reading and I should be able to get back to mild treadmill activities with an ankle brace.

But enough about that boring crap.

Yesterday was game day!

We played Defenders of the Realm . . . and, though it looked like we were doing pretty well mid game, the game took a left turn about three quarters of the way through and handed us a sound spanking.

In other words, we lost pretty badly.

Our first attempt to take down one of the four generals was an utter failure - we didn’t even put a dent in his helmet. It was sad really.

The game, despite that setback, went slightly uphill from there, then came the precipice.

Game over.

The dice hated us, no question. We rolled a statistically unusual amount of ones and twos - not good in this game for sure.

Better luck next time I guess . . . or a different game . . .

Well, I think I’ll go recover some more on the couch and read another book . . . sigh.

Until next Sunday . . .

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