Sunday, April 28, 2013


Man I hate just sitting on the couch, reading . . .

Oh, wait . . . no, that’s not so bad actually.

No, the hated thing is having my muscles start to atrophy because I can’t do any workouts or tennis or much of anything related to physical activity which includes my ankle.

I can do some weights routines though . . . yeah, fun.

I’m giving my lame ankle another week to smarten up - then it’s off to the gym again to try and regain that little bit of muscle tone I achieved before damaging myself.

According to the intertubes, (if it’s on there you know it’s true) it takes between four and six weeks to recover from a sprained ankle . . .

I’ve been at this recovery thing now for just over a week and don’t think I can stand not doing active things much longer, let alone for another three to five weeks.

I will go nuts . . . okay, more nuts.

Anyhow, with an actual update, the ankle itself is almost swelling free, but it still gives me aches and pains when I walk on it.

I’m thinking, another week of reading and I should be able to get back to mild treadmill activities with an ankle brace.

But enough about that boring crap.

Yesterday was game day!

We played Defenders of the Realm . . . and, though it looked like we were doing pretty well mid game, the game took a left turn about three quarters of the way through and handed us a sound spanking.

In other words, we lost pretty badly.

Our first attempt to take down one of the four generals was an utter failure - we didn’t even put a dent in his helmet. It was sad really.

The game, despite that setback, went slightly uphill from there, then came the precipice.

Game over.

The dice hated us, no question. We rolled a statistically unusual amount of ones and twos - not good in this game for sure.

Better luck next time I guess . . . or a different game . . .

Well, I think I’ll go recover some more on the couch and read another book . . . sigh.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am so lame

Yup, I am . . . what? - you are not surprised . . .

Tennis this week was, well, both pleasant and unpleasant.

I served several aces, a couple of which were worthy of note. I’m thinking in the 110 mph+ range and right on the outside lines.

My opponents were impressed - as was I.

Sounds good right?

Well, that part of my game was pretty awesome. Seems all this awesome serving though had to have a karma re-balance.

That came near the end of the third set when I went over on my ankle, and yup, sprained it good.

So, to be literal, I am lame now - moreso than normal . . .

My ankle is swollen, stiff, and I’m hobbling around the house like some hundred year old derelict . . .

Just a barrel of fun, let me tell you.

Still, since I’ve been exercising a ton lately my legs and ankles are strong and in good health.

And this, day two of the sprain, is not really as bad as I thought. I’m recovering rapidly and should be able to walk like a human again within a week.

It usually takes four to six weeks to fully recover from a sprained ankle, but I feel that I’ll be over this sooner than that.

What I’m taking away from this incident is the fact that from now on I’m going to have to wear an ankle brace on my right ankle to avoid this kind of injury in future.

Sucks to get old and not wise as the same.

I should have been wearing a brace already and this would likely then not have happened. You see I really did a number on my right ankle back when I was in my early twenties and it never really recovered fully.

I sprained it a couple more times over the past decades, and you would think I would have learned from that.

But no.

So, on to find a good ankle brace for when I’m back on my feet and running around the courts again, which will likely not be for two weeks or so.

And I was doing so well with the treadmill and tennis this past month . . .

Setbacks . . . we hates them . . . sigh . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, April 14, 2013

much more like it

Okay, so after my moaning about my mutant inability to lose any weight no matter how hard I try - it would seem that a couple of pounds have disappeared from my midsection.

Of course, it took two weeks of working out twice a day, well most days, and sometimes even staying on the treadmill for ninety minutes instead of sixty.

But I must say, I’m feeling stronger and with more energy to boot . . . so, you ask, with all that new found energy - where the hell are those cards for your board game? . . .

Er, um, well . . .

Yeah, I’ve been concentrating so hard on exercising and trying not to eat garbage food that other things just slipped my mind this past week.

Like printing out the cards for my game.

And speaking of games, we gave Cyclades a try this week and I must say - it’s pretty darn good.

The gist of the game is to curry favour (through auction) from the gods (by giving them gold of course) so you can use their abilities like producing and moving fleets and infantry and building special buildings and such - all geared towards making two metropolises which wins you the game.

It’s a bit of a brain burner of a game because not only do you have to plan ahead for your own strategy to build two metropolises (the game winner) you have to plan ahead to thwart the other player’s who are trying to do the same thing . . .

No easy task I assure you, but pretty darn fun to try. The board size adjusts to the amount of players from 2 to 5 which is a pretty neat idea and each colour of unit is a unique sculpt even though they function exactly the same for each player.

Just a very cool aesthetic touch.

And the artwork is really nice and not the same for each player’s screen as well. The monster minis, 5 of them, are also awesome. And the variety of mythological creatures (represented on cards) you can call on to help you win have varied abilities as well.

It will be played again for sure now that the rules are more clear after our first play through attempt. If you like competitive brain burner games dripping in mythological theme - this game is a must own for you.

Also, with regards to gaming, I’ve sucked convinced a friend to come over sometime this week and give Gears of War a try - I find it a really fun game which scales extremely well from 1-4 players. It’s not easy to win, but you feel a real sense of accomplishment when you do.

Well, I should be back to exercising and gaming and tennis.

And speaking of tennis, I’ve done way better the last two weeks (won my court both times) mostly due, I'm quite sure, to the increase in my physical condition - yeah for me!

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, April 07, 2013

constant mass effect

So, in my never ending battle with old age and weight gain, I’ve been at the gym walking for an hour a day on the treadmill at high speed (4+ mph) - well, that’s high speed for an old guy.

End result - no change in weight whatsoever . . .


You would think after seven workouts burning an average of 400 calories per workout for 7 days straight there would be some small incremental change in my bulk.

But, for me, that would be a resounding - No.

Now, I’m not in anyway discouraged by the lack of results, and yes I know Rome was not built in a day, but I was expecting a little something for all that hard work.

Oh, and as well as the treadmill I also played tennis for three hours on top of this and did and entire forty minute weights routine too.

So, for the entire week I’ve literally worked out ten times . . . and yes, my body is tired . . . but the good kind. No less bulky, but tired.

I call it a marginal win.

And I’m going to try to keep at this for the rest of the month. My tiny goal is to drop five pounds.

So that would be five pounds in 30 days.

I would say that is not too much to ask. And yes, muscle weights more than fat, and the moon orbits the earth and blah blah blah . . .

Ten workouts people, no change in eating habits - zero change in weight.

Not liking the initial trend.

My one attempt a couple of years ago at dropping some weight was to meticulously keep track of food intake for a month and try to eat between 200 and 500 fewer calories each day than what my body was supposed to be burning.

You know what the result of that was?

Yup, you guessed it, absolutely no change at all.

I’m beginning to think my body has some mutation which makes it stay at a certain weight not matter what I do.

It’s almost like the more calories I either burn or don’t consume, my body shuts down parts of itself to conserve mass.

I’m trying this month to break that system, but like I said - first week was a total bust.

Tune in next week for another update . . .

Hmm, maybe if I eat nothing, and work out ten times a day all next week . . . ?

Until next Sunday . . .