Sunday, March 03, 2013

tabletop games day

is coming this March 30th, most likely to a location near you.

And, for some strange reason, the interactive map at the website is wonky and doesn’t want to operate properly for me, no matter what web browser I’m using.

Oh well, thinking of planning a private event for March 30th anyhow, with or without the map’s help. I’m pretty sure I can convince a few friends from our group to play a board game or two on  that particular Saturday.

Oh, I should link the site so you know what in the name of board games I’m talking about here.

So, here it is - Tabletop Games Day

Maybe the interactive map will work for you . . .

And speaking of Tabletop Games - last weekend we played Mice and Mystics . . . and, I think those playing the heroic mice had a good time . . . except they lost both scenarios . . . which was not as fun as winning them . . .

It seems my rolling as the minions was just too devastating, though there were a few epic moments when the mice laid a heavy smack down on said minions for sure.

This may be the game I’ll pull out again March 30th and let them have another go at it in the hopes that this go around they will be victorious.

Our group does have a bunch of other games to choose from though including the likes of Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm, Runebound, Last Night on Earth . . . and quite a few more.

As for my own game creation - my next move is to print out the cards and cut them down to size . . . which you think would be easy . . . and it is if I overcome inertia . . .

I must get off my butt this week and do so, then try a solo game or three to see how the rules pan out before pushing it on my friends.

And speaking of sports games, like tennis, I played this week with mixed results once more. I’m getting no better or worse. My ankle is hurting me today though . . .

I did need to chuck out my old shoes though as they were pretty much in tatters - maybe the cause of my ankle issue.

With regards to reading - I managed to finish twenty books by the end of February . . . I am slowing my pace now, I think.

Well, time as space are used up for me again this week, so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Grondzilla10:44 am

    It would appear that parts of the site are just plain broken. I get absolutely no response to the 'find an event near you' search field.

  2. Zilla's Other Half2:50 pm

    I concur. The submit button doesn't even seem to work at all. And yes your plan sounds good. There may be 2 days of gaming that easter weekend. R's bday is on April 1st and I believe L. was thinking of kicking the rest of the extended family out and having some friends over for games and potluck bday dinner/dessert. If there's enough of us some can play and some can kid wrangle.