Sunday, March 17, 2013

show me

I am pretty much blown away by the love and support for Veronica Mars the movie.

I mean, three and a half million dollars raised to make it in two days - and still growing!

Kickstarter is what I speak of.

The Veronica Mars movie support is swelling from fan support.

That is so very cool.

I am so happy for them, and you should watch the five minute pitch video - it’s pretty funny, if you watched the TV show at all - not as funny, but still a hoot, if you didn’t.

Still, they knock it out of the park - and there will be a movie now - it reached and surpassed its goal in under 24 hours. Like holy shipwreck, Batman!

Which brings me to a little known show that was pure gold - well, to me anyhow.


I know, lots of people watched this, scratched their heads, thought it was too weird, blew it off as trash, then proceeded in droves to watch reality shows instead . . . (facepalm)

For me, I live in reality, so why the hell would I want a to watch a show about it . . . yawn, absolutely Boring . . .

But Wonder Falls is anything but boring. It has great writing, hilarious situations, and actors that know how to act. There is my two cents worth - if you have watched it, watch it again. If you haven’t, get to watching it now.

And now that my daughter is a teenager we can watch a bunch of these shows together and I am happy to introduce them to her.

She shares the same sense of odd humour (yeah, scary, isn’t it?) as me, and loves Wonderfalls. Yes, proud daddy here . . .

We are holding off on Veronica Mars for just a bit as there are a couple of really mature and nasty bits in it that I’d rather she saw once she is a bit more mature.

However, with the movie coming out next year, we will likely get cracking on the TV show later this year.

And, somehow, during this whole post I didn’t once mention any board games, even though March 30th is International Tabletop Gaming Day  . . .

. . . er, must resist . . . resist . . .

There is this one . . . resist . . . game . . . failing . . . to . . . resist . . .

Oh hell, it’s a solo card game, cheap as dirt and fun as hell. It’s called Friday. Get it, play it, enjoy it.

Well, now that you know a Veronica Mars movie is imminent, get re-watching those three years of Veronica Mars TV show episodes, and stoke yourself up for more Mars movie fun early in 2014.

Until next Sunday . . .

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