Sunday, March 31, 2013

fortune & glory & fatigue

Well, International Tabletop Game Day is over and I’m pretty much wiped out, but it was a fun success for me and others.

Our gaming group, 8 of us, played Fortune & Glory for 5 hours, pretty much non-stop, then we chowed down on homemade African lentil soup and homemade biscuits . . . totally yummy!  

The entire day was pretty much non-stop for me as the whole morning was taken up with daughter activities, followed by a full afternoon early evening of gaming, then it was off to the gym to go for a one hour walk on the treadmill.

So now, this morning, I’m pretty well dragging my sorry butt around the house and am not even sure I will be able to rise from my computer chair after posting this . . .

Old age - sucks.

Anyhow, I’m pretty happy with how the game session turned out. It was co-op with 8 people and 7 of them had never played this game before. My voice is pretty raw this morning from having to explain rules almost the whole time we played.

Still, I had a fun time and yes, we did whoop the game. The Mob didn’t really stand a chance once we figured out what we needed to do to gather up fortune and win.

And looking at all the pictures on the net from Tabletop Game Day from around the world it looks like thousands of others had a blast playing board games too.

Oh, and I did kinda slipped in the “went to the gym” thing. Not something I’ve ever done before but my wife decided to get us a family pass for six months and our whole family went there last night to try it out.
There are a ton, and I mean a ton, of machines from ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, weight machines, machines that go ping, machines I don’t know how to use and then there are other machines.

If the machines decide to take over the world when I’m in that gym - I won’t stand a chance!

Still, I was pretty happy to just burn off the sitting and eating part of the day on the treadmill last night.

Well, as I said, I’m pretty burned so I will leave off for today.

Have yourself a great week.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 24, 2013

city repeat city

I used to live in the big city when I was younger - for like 13 years.

Loved it a lot back then - not so much now.

I’ve made two trips into the big city in the past two weeks and need to go in once more this coming week - and then I won’t need to go back again for, I hope, another year or so.

The trips were made to sort out a bunch of cello stuff for my daughter -which is now pretty much sorted with the final trip tying up the final loose bits.

The only dangerous side to these big city trips is passing by the game store and fighting the urge to buy something.

I did, however, manage to resist during those first two trips, mainly because I was with my family and toting along cellos and cases, not the easiest things to game shop with in a busy store.

This last time I will be going in with only a few bows to return, then returning pretty much empty . . . yeah, dangerous.

I do have my eye on two games that I’m pretty sure I’ll scoop. Call it my payment for all the shuttling about of goods and services the past couple of weeks for my daughter.

I spent a bunch of this week researching fun games that can be played in fairly large groups and have a co-op element to them or are totally co-op.

Looks like the winners are “Betrayal at House on the Hill” and “Fortune and Glory.”

Neither of these games can in any way be considered a deep, meaningful strategic game where luck plays no part  - but from what I can tell they are a whole heap of just plain, mostly silly, role-playing fun. I think the people I game with could get into them.

Betrayal has the twist of someone turning traitor mid way through the game, but it sounds like this is mostly wacky and weird, so nobody should get hurt feelings if they become the baddy. You can play up to 6 people with this one.

Fortune and Glory has a totally co-op rule set where you race against either the Nazis or Mobsters to see if time runs out on you before you can claim enough Fortune from globe trotting and tomb raiding before they do. You can play up to 8 people with this one.

It’s supposed to be Raiders of the Lost Ark in a box - and if you don’t take it too seriously (I mean how can you, really) then it should be a social fun game time.

Of course the box size is silly - it’s the same dimension as Twilight Imperium 3. I guess they are thinking of releasing twenty expansions or something for the future.

Well, once again I’ve managed to ramble on about games pretty much the whole post. I guess I'm gearing up for next Saturday - Tabletop Game Day - when gaming will happen.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

show me

I am pretty much blown away by the love and support for Veronica Mars the movie.

I mean, three and a half million dollars raised to make it in two days - and still growing!

Kickstarter is what I speak of.

The Veronica Mars movie support is swelling from fan support.

That is so very cool.

I am so happy for them, and you should watch the five minute pitch video - it’s pretty funny, if you watched the TV show at all - not as funny, but still a hoot, if you didn’t.

Still, they knock it out of the park - and there will be a movie now - it reached and surpassed its goal in under 24 hours. Like holy shipwreck, Batman!

Which brings me to a little known show that was pure gold - well, to me anyhow.


I know, lots of people watched this, scratched their heads, thought it was too weird, blew it off as trash, then proceeded in droves to watch reality shows instead . . . (facepalm)

For me, I live in reality, so why the hell would I want a to watch a show about it . . . yawn, absolutely Boring . . .

But Wonder Falls is anything but boring. It has great writing, hilarious situations, and actors that know how to act. There is my two cents worth - if you have watched it, watch it again. If you haven’t, get to watching it now.

And now that my daughter is a teenager we can watch a bunch of these shows together and I am happy to introduce them to her.

She shares the same sense of odd humour (yeah, scary, isn’t it?) as me, and loves Wonderfalls. Yes, proud daddy here . . .

We are holding off on Veronica Mars for just a bit as there are a couple of really mature and nasty bits in it that I’d rather she saw once she is a bit more mature.

However, with the movie coming out next year, we will likely get cracking on the TV show later this year.

And, somehow, during this whole post I didn’t once mention any board games, even though March 30th is International Tabletop Gaming Day  . . .

. . . er, must resist . . . resist . . .

There is this one . . . resist . . . game . . . failing . . . to . . . resist . . .

Oh hell, it’s a solo card game, cheap as dirt and fun as hell. It’s called Friday. Get it, play it, enjoy it.

Well, now that you know a Veronica Mars movie is imminent, get re-watching those three years of Veronica Mars TV show episodes, and stoke yourself up for more Mars movie fun early in 2014.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 10, 2013

getting the gears

I mean, how could I resist?

It was on half price! . . . and they had a clipboard . . . okay, no clipboard.

I think it was discounted so much because reprints are on the way and this was so last year’s edition.

Er, yeah, you guessed it - I got myself another board game this past week - because, um, I needed it . . .

This time, as you can see from the image above, it’s Gears of War, the board game.

It’s a first person shooter computer game that was ported into a board game form. And, it’s pretty ruthless and hard to win even if you have four amped up super-soldier dudes to kick alien butt . . .

. . . and I apologize for knowing nothing about the computer game. I think it’s an Xbox 360 thing - and I’m a straight PC and sometimes Wii player so can't really compare the two.

So, how does it play?

Well, you have a hand of cards which double as your health and you have missions to go on using tiles you place which spawn nasty creatures which are intent on laying a major hurt on your player characters.

That about sums it up.

You win if you complete your objective. And if you die, you lose . . . kinda like life but way shorter in duration.

It takes about an hour or so to complete, or fail, a mission.

And it is fun. Your characters have grenades and an assortment of weapons to help them out - but very, very limited ammunition. Did I mention it is a tough game to beat?

Each turn, right after a soldier completes his moves and attacks, the enemy spawns by drawing activation cards. This is where the hurt begins.

Those activation cards are not nice, not nice at all.

Still, it feels pretty good when you manage to complete a mission, which seems to be about one in three of four tries.

And maybe I should just change my blog over to a board game review site? . . .

. . . speaking of which - no, I did not get my cards printed out this past week for my own board game design.

Shame on me. (hangs head)

And this week is March break, so likely all the family stuff will get in the way of their printing as well.

Which reminds me, we are heading into the big city on Tuesday to look for a new instrument for my daughter . . . and where we need to go is very close to this huge board game store with awesome prices . . .

. . . yeah, you know I’m a total lost cause . . .

Sue me.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 03, 2013

tabletop games day

is coming this March 30th, most likely to a location near you.

And, for some strange reason, the interactive map at the website is wonky and doesn’t want to operate properly for me, no matter what web browser I’m using.

Oh well, thinking of planning a private event for March 30th anyhow, with or without the map’s help. I’m pretty sure I can convince a few friends from our group to play a board game or two on  that particular Saturday.

Oh, I should link the site so you know what in the name of board games I’m talking about here.

So, here it is - Tabletop Games Day

Maybe the interactive map will work for you . . .

And speaking of Tabletop Games - last weekend we played Mice and Mystics . . . and, I think those playing the heroic mice had a good time . . . except they lost both scenarios . . . which was not as fun as winning them . . .

It seems my rolling as the minions was just too devastating, though there were a few epic moments when the mice laid a heavy smack down on said minions for sure.

This may be the game I’ll pull out again March 30th and let them have another go at it in the hopes that this go around they will be victorious.

Our group does have a bunch of other games to choose from though including the likes of Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm, Runebound, Last Night on Earth . . . and quite a few more.

As for my own game creation - my next move is to print out the cards and cut them down to size . . . which you think would be easy . . . and it is if I overcome inertia . . .

I must get off my butt this week and do so, then try a solo game or three to see how the rules pan out before pushing it on my friends.

And speaking of sports games, like tennis, I played this week with mixed results once more. I’m getting no better or worse. My ankle is hurting me today though . . .

I did need to chuck out my old shoes though as they were pretty much in tatters - maybe the cause of my ankle issue.

With regards to reading - I managed to finish twenty books by the end of February . . . I am slowing my pace now, I think.

Well, time as space are used up for me again this week, so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .