Sunday, February 10, 2013

white snow and the seven dwarf stars

So, my only comment on the “storm” is this one lifted image from the weather network site, which was pretty much a similar sight to my driveway two days ago.

I’m too lazy right now to go outside and take a picture of our six foot snow banks or my partially buried vehicle in the driveway - so you will have to take my word of it.

Anyhow, I shoveled three times Friday, and that just about did it for my back, even with my offspring helping out.

Let’s just say my aching body is aching - a lot. I had to go replenish my supply of pain meds yesterday.

Nuff said about the white stuff then.

On to gaming! Yes, I’m so very close to finalizing my game I can taste it . . . but then again, nobody can hear you taste in space . . . or something . . .

I’m pretty much going to get my good friend to play this with me within a week or so, even though he doesn’t know it . . . well, now he does after reading this post.

My only sad point is, it’s kinda like Exodus the board game which just came out.

Not exactly like, but kinda like. Maybe that is a good thing, maybe a bad.

The test will be in the playing though. I’ll give a report once I’ve had a chance to do just that.

And I took off tennis this week to give my body a rest, plus the fact that I was deathly sick for 24 hours after eating, I’m pretty sure, some tainted salsa on Tuesday . . .

Nothing like a good dose of food poisoning to make you wish for death, then grab on to life for all it’s worth once the agony finally passes.

Yeah, lots of fun there.

Well, I’m thinking I may put up a picture of my game board for next week, maybe mid-game?

That would be cool - no?

Oh, I can start taking orders for it . . . kidding . . .

That would be awesome though. Who knows, maybe Fantasy Flight will buy it from me or I may just start my own game company instead.

Hey, a guy’s gotta dream, don’t he? . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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