Sunday, February 17, 2013

space the definitive destination

So, here is a picture of my prototype board - I know, rather bleak looking. My offspring suggested I spruce it up with colours and such.

Um, if I were handy in that way, I might attempt it.

But, my game board painting skills are not so good - I will leave that up to a production house once I sell it, or produce it myself for sale.

It’s, as you can see, a hexagonal shaped game board with smaller hexes as the playing spaces. Those little planet tokens are cheap plastic bingo chips with planet stickers on them . . . hey, it works.

I think I mentioned before I was going to use the Twilight Imperium miniature ships as play pieces, and now I think of it, I should have taken a picture with some of them on the board.

Anyhow, each hex can contain two Dreadnaughts from TI3 with a bit of space left over, to give you a sense of size. So, that makes them about an inch and a half across.

I finished editing the cards for the game, all 100, and I’m contemplating printing them out in one of two ways.

The first way will be on stickers which I will then apply to index cards so that each card will be identical in size and you won’t be able to tell which card you are getting when you draw one.

This is my preferred method, but it will cost about fifteen bucks to do since those sticker sheets are not cheap.

The second method is to print them on card stock (which I already have) and then cut them to size. This will inevitably lead to uneven cards and after a few plays you will know which card is likely to be which.

Not the preferred method but dirt cheap, as in no cost at all right now.

Hmm. Any ideas out there for other solutions?

Well, enough about the game for now . . . more to follow after I do a play through with friends in the, hopefully, near future.

So, to quickly end the ramblings for this week, last night was eating, I mean, reading night again. A time when our group gets together and reads from their writings.

And yes, it quickly devolves into a feast. Last nights cake, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, chips, bugles . . . you get the idea.

No food for me today, thanks.

Well, time has run out on me yet again, so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Grondzilla12:53 pm

    If you use the card stock we have a medium sized cutting 'board' thing with the slicing/chopping arm on one side. That would allow you to make fairly precise mass cuts. Enough so that you would be hard pressed to *know* which cars were which.

  2. Zilla's Other Half6:34 pm

    And you should ask 'him' to paint up your board - I bet ya he'd enjoy that ;P