Sunday, February 03, 2013

mouse traction

How easy it is for me to slip into the “read a million books a year” mode and let all other considerations drift away.

Like writing, board game creation and song creation . . .

And this time I don’t seem to have any cunning plans, cuttable by knife or otherwise, available to me.

So, it’s up to me to just drag myself away from the book reading for a while each day and get on to other matters.

Oh, I’ve managed a great deal of exercise as well, but that does not get my game ready for play testing.

Then there are the hours and hours a week I spend playing chauffeur for my daughter and her cello and friend commitments.

And, this post is starting to sound a lot like a stream of consciousness and not a cogent rationalization of my actions the past few weeks.

So - I’ll stop it - now.

Oh, I also, looking back on some of my rather amusing (well to me anyhow) posts of the 2006 era, found that a small picture accompanying the blog post seemed to spruce the thing up a bit, so I’m going to implement that practice once again.

And why does my Microsoft USB mouse want to start screwing around on me? Maybe I’ll plug it into the PS2 slot with an adaptor and see if that helps.

It could be that is it dying - which would be sad. It is four years old. I wonder how many clicks a mouse if supposed to be good for?

I’ve tried messing with most of the software settings, but it has had only marginal success in making the delayed, or outright lack of response to right clicks in some cases, go away.

I will say I need to slow down a bit on the reading though - yesterday I read for seven and a half hours . . . um, yeah.

And since my mind is bouncing around like a rubber ball, I’ll leave off here and see about getting back to working on my game for a spell.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half8:45 am

    If your mind is bouncing around, you should let some of the ideas it's been harbouring (what with all that reading and all) out. Surely there's a story there somewhere?