Sunday, February 24, 2013

mice and mystics

I am forever questing for the ultimate board game, one that is engrossing, challenging and above all very, very fun to play and also doesn’t take half a day or more to finish.

Well, have I got news for you!

I just picked up Mice and Mystics from Plaid Hat games, and it is pretty darn sweet. The mechanics are solid, the components are top notch, the miniatures just scream for a paint job they are so well detailed, the artwork on all the cards is cool, and it drips theme like no game ever . . . well, except perhaps Arkham horror . . . but I think this one is even more immersive in its theme.

It’s a game which is told in a series of chapters, like a story book. In fact, the game plays out as an adventure story with each chapter focusing on a clear objective, and each chapter, of which there are eleven, is a scenario in which you explore beautifully painted double-sided playing boards to further the story along.

Each chapter takes about one to two hours depending how long you deliberate over each mouse hero’s turn . . . yes, mouse hero . . . you got a problem with that?

Not going to spoil any of the game for those that want it, because it is so cool and fun to play and see the story unraveled. I’ll just say the story is neat and the gaming experience really feels like an epic mouse adventure like that of Redwall or Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh . . .

It’s a game for 1-4 players and is totally co-op. There is no option, or need, to backstab your fellow players, and you will not want to because the game itself has plenty of difficult minions and situations to deal with as the story unfolds.

I’ve played through the first two chapters myself to get used to the game mechanics, but have yet to finish the third chapter - I was defeated twice! Rats! . . .

I’ve played quite a few co-op board games, maybe a dozen or so, and this one is, I think, my favourite one so far.

And I’m stoked because today is game day and I’ll be toting this one along and introducing it to my gaming group. Being into writing, well most of us, this “story” driven game should have appeal.

There will be five of us, but I’m going to let the other four play the heroes while I take on the role of rule’s Nazi and play all the minions . . .

My overall rating for this one would be a solid 9 out of 10, only losing 1 point due to a few, at first, unclear rules. But the FAQ and forum over at Plaid Hat pretty much clears up any issues you can run into that cause game-stalling problems.

So, for a fun, theme-oozing co-op board game, look no further. This one is a definite winner.

And geez, if the space allotted for my blog today isn’t all filled up already . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Sounds like a game my girls would love! We'll have to try it. Wonder where I can pick it up?

  2. Just a ten minute walk north of Union station up Yonge street is 401 Games (at, you guessed it 401 Yonge) - they will have it for sure. It is fun, but pretty tough to beat.

  3. Thanks! I'll check it out.