Sunday, January 20, 2013

re boots

Yes, I refer to both my rebuilt computer and the fact that winter is storming back in with a vengeance forcing me to not wear runners.

So, I was awoken at three this morning to the sounds of thunder . . . no kidding. This was followed pretty shortly after with high winds which persist even as I type this up.

The temps are going to drop in the order of 15 C today, hence the winds. Yikes!

It is about time though since only a few days ago it was 14 C outside which was pretty insane.

Which pretty much sums up weather patterns across the globe these days. Insane.

And I almost have my rebuilt computer set up the way I like it. Not all Steam games are downloaded, but hey, I’m on slow high speed if you follow me.

And it’s been a whole week and nobody in our house has contracted some sort of new flu or cold.

A record.

I’m also getting a bit bone weary. From all the exercise I’ve been doing.

I’ve been trying to keep at it for six days a week and have managed to do this for about a month now.

But, as the body ages, it just doesn’t snap back like it used to from physical exertion.

Of course the alternative is to do nothing, grow stiff and flabby and expire of a self-inflicted heart condition - so I put up with the aches and pains and keep exercising - and moaning about it.

And my tennis game is as sporadic as can be. One day I’m smoking everything in sight, missing very few shots. Two days later I maybe make one out of five shots and suck so badly I want to crawl off the court and hide in a corner for shame.

Frustrating, but part of my exercise regiment - so I put up with it.

Well, as you can tell I’m in top form today (sarcasm) so I’ll just leave off here and hope my house doesn’t blow away this morning.

Oh, and I just finished novel 9 yesterday . . . working on number 10 now.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half8:24 am

    Yes we had thunder too, and lightning. However, after waking to the sound of breaking glass, the thunder came across to me more like rending metal and I flew out of bed to see what was broken. The next morning found out it was only a window in the tack house. Thunder snow is way more spooky than a thunder storm.....

  2. Grondzilla10:04 pm

    More important than the boots are the jackets and the gloves and the longjohns.