Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is alive!

WooHoo for me!

Yeah, you know the reason.

Four cores of fun - right here, right now.

Funny how, when you lose your computer, it feels almost like you have lost a limb . . .

Er, well, that’s how I felt without mine for the past two and a half million . . . weeks.

So, while said computer was out on the refurbishing block, I managed to read 7 novels since Jan 1 and will be polishing off number 8 today . . . er, maybe a bit too much?

But, I have heard that reading is supposed to be good for you.

Well, what can I say about the new rig - it is lightening fast and the case is frikin humongous. There is enough air circulating through the Cooler Master 932 Advanced case to exchange all the air in my house a couple times an hour . . . I think.

Anyhow, no more core meltdowns for me - wind burn and hypothermia maybe - but no more meltdowns!

And the nice man at the computer store was able to save all my music, favourites and other miscellaneous files for me on my second drive.


The only files that were not saved were my Steam game files . . . um, yeah. If you know about Steam and some of the huge games I have you know that downloading them again is a serious time sucker - but I am not complaining in any way, all things considered.

And, it seems that this morning I finally woke up not all stuffed up and dying from the tenacious cold I’ve been battling for the past week and a half.

Another yeah for me.

Also, we got a new cell phone this week . . . because the other one is just gone. Maybe it melted down somewhere? Stolen. Dropped. Entered a portal to another dimension?

Whatever the reason, it is most definitely gone.

Word of note. Do not buy a replacement phone from any cell provider. They charge at least double the price for a replacement phone of any other store on the planet.

We picked up a cheap 40 buck phone, as compared to the provider’s cheapest 120 dollar one, at a cheap store and it works great.

Anyhoo - as I see already, my time and space are used up for this week.

Until next Sunday . . .

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