Sunday, December 23, 2012

where is your Nibiru now?

No, I don’t need to expound on today’s title, do I . . .

Idiots - way too many of them.

So, the world did not end and X-Mas is looming large . . .

. . . well, for the minority or majority depending on perspective.

Christianity does top the world for most followed religion.

Thought it is well below one quarter of all people.

On a cheery note - we got some snow and it stuck to the ground and more is on the way which looks like it may also stick to the ground.

It’s nice to see some winter during winter . . . if you follow.

What am I doing for the holidays?

Watching Season 2 of the Walking Dead, of course.

What a fun and gritty series.

I was somewhat confused though by the opening episode . . . spoilers ahead . . .

Um, aren’t the dead supposed to be able to smell you and then come at you like a hungry dog?

Seems to me over half a dozen tasty unwashed live morsels hiding under cars just wouldn’t stop the zombie olfactory systems from kicking into overdrive and sniffing them out - and blood spraying out of a fresh arm wound not attracting like every one of them from a hundred yards plus?

Yeah, I’m nitpicking, but still . . .

Overall though, very tense good stuff with the odd added gore to just kick you in the heart once and a while.

And I’ve made the determination that my Kobo Glo battery is at the very best good for 35 to 40 hours before it dies.

Sorry, Kobo - your 70 hour battery life advertisement is utter bullshit.

And I read it 90 percent of the time with no light - and WiFi always off.

Still, 35 to 40 hours is quite enough for me . . . still.

Well, more Walking Dead to watch, more books to read, more end of the world predictions to scoff at . . .

Just saying . . .

Until Next Sunday . . .

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