Sunday, December 02, 2012

mods and more

So, not content to have my Last Night on Earth game left stock, I had to start some game piece tweaking.

In the game there are various round tokens that, depending on certain events (being vague as to not give too much away), need to go under either the Hero or Zombie models. The issue is, when you move the models around with the tokens under them, it becomes a pain in the backside.



Thank you space program, or Roswell . . . whichever.

Anyhow, I bought some sticky backed velcro and am going to apply a bit onto the tokens and the undersides of the plastic models. Problem solved when you need to put the tokens under the models and them move them around.

And speaking of game mods . . . wasn’t I? - I finally got the download working for Black Mesa which is a remodeling, using the Half Life 2 engine, on the original Half Life.


Don’t be. All I’m saying is that now I can enjoy the original Half Life the way it should be enjoyed - in higher definition taking into account today’s better computing hardware.

It is going to be sweet. I think.

And no, I did not finish my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I am a bad boy.

Still, I have close to 20,000 words, so hey, not all was in vain.

And it’s not because I’ve been reading like a fiend ever since I got my Kobo Glo . . . well, not really . . . okay, maybe a little bit . . .

Still, I just love the Kobo Glo and with over 22,000 titles available through my local library - I am and forever shall be . . . one damn happy reader.

As for tennis, things are much improved. I’ve started up on tennis aerobics again which is making a huge difference on how much better I’m hitting the ball.

I needed the extra ball hitting practice, and let’s face it, playing once a week was just not working. I was getting worse week by week through lack of practice.

Now I’m seeing a vast improvement. Another little niggling irritant scratched.

And my own board game is coming along. I have given myself until December 15th to get a working prototype in order so I can suck convince some of my friends to give it a try with me.

Well, once again the page fills up and I must away.

Until next Sunday . . .

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