Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, here I sit at my 9 year old computer typing today’s blog post.


Well, my new computer (4 years old) suffered a catastrophic failure - as in the CPU melted down.

My own personal mini Chernobyl.

Yeah, for me.

So, even though our official Christmas ended sometime in November, seems I’m getting a new rig for this Christmas after all.

And so this week has been pretty quiet with no Steam games played, or any games that is, and lots more reading taking place.

I know, you are shocked.

I’m hoping my new rig is ready for next week (parts are in already) - then comes the horrible task of loading all the stuff I had loaded on the last one.

Four years is a long time to accumulate programs you like to run.

And for those that don’t know anything about Steam, when you format you drive like I need to do, you lose all the games loaded on it - they all need to be downloaded again.

Let me tell you what a major pain in arse that is . . .

And no tennis this week at all - took the week off.

But I was out shovelling and will be out shortly again chiselling the frozen wave that the plow so graciously left for me this morning.

Well, back to the snow and my ereader - oh, and games with friends today too.

Looking forward to 2 out of 3 - can you guess which 2?

Until next Sunday . . . and from my new rig (fingers crossed)

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