Sunday, December 16, 2012

almost one hundred

No, not my age . . . well, maybe my relative age . . .

But what I speak of is the number of books I’ve read this year.

This past week I polished off numbers 97 and 98.

And with two weeks left before the end of the year, or six days to the end of the world (snort) - then I should easily crack the 100 mark for 2012.

Putting it into perspective this equates to a total of almost 28,000 pages so far this year with the hopes of reaching 30,000 which will blow my 20,000 goal clean out of the water.

Yes, I love my Kobo Glo and my local library with over 23,000 etitles.

I know, spouting a lot of numbers this post, but I was pretty stoked to see that I will read one hundred books this year. A first for me since keeping records starting in 1988 . . . er, yeah . . .

And not all of them were picture books (well, some Walking Dead Compilations. . .  sue me) in the list was A Game of Thrones as well as Hidden Empire, both pretty hefty reads.

Now, on to tennis.

I continue to struggle with my aging frame. I have a pain in my lower back which extends down my left leg during certain moves.

Oh, so fun.

My neck is pretty stiff as well and my left ankle just hurts most of the time. The joys of playing hard tennis when you are not twenty anymore.

I’ve been using the Max 200Gs again so my arm is in great shape as these rackets absorb all the vibration - I mean All!

On the mundane front - winter tires are on and the headlight (the left . . . hmm, a trend here) burned out of my ride. I’ll need to hit Can Tire today and get a replacement.

Oh, and the Christmas tree is up and glowing - I replaced the two old strings of mini lights with new led lights. Looks pretty good.

And looks sort of funny too with no presents underneath since we already did our Christmas gift exchange this year.

Still, there are assorted Christmas stuffies there to fill the space, so it looks okay.

Well, once more the page is full and my brain is empty.

Until next Sunday . . . if there is one (snort the second . . .)

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