Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, here I sit at my 9 year old computer typing today’s blog post.


Well, my new computer (4 years old) suffered a catastrophic failure - as in the CPU melted down.

My own personal mini Chernobyl.

Yeah, for me.

So, even though our official Christmas ended sometime in November, seems I’m getting a new rig for this Christmas after all.

And so this week has been pretty quiet with no Steam games played, or any games that is, and lots more reading taking place.

I know, you are shocked.

I’m hoping my new rig is ready for next week (parts are in already) - then comes the horrible task of loading all the stuff I had loaded on the last one.

Four years is a long time to accumulate programs you like to run.

And for those that don’t know anything about Steam, when you format you drive like I need to do, you lose all the games loaded on it - they all need to be downloaded again.

Let me tell you what a major pain in arse that is . . .

And no tennis this week at all - took the week off.

But I was out shovelling and will be out shortly again chiselling the frozen wave that the plow so graciously left for me this morning.

Well, back to the snow and my ereader - oh, and games with friends today too.

Looking forward to 2 out of 3 - can you guess which 2?

Until next Sunday . . . and from my new rig (fingers crossed)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

where is your Nibiru now?

No, I don’t need to expound on today’s title, do I . . .

Idiots - way too many of them.

So, the world did not end and X-Mas is looming large . . .

. . . well, for the minority or majority depending on perspective.

Christianity does top the world for most followed religion.

Thought it is well below one quarter of all people.

On a cheery note - we got some snow and it stuck to the ground and more is on the way which looks like it may also stick to the ground.

It’s nice to see some winter during winter . . . if you follow.

What am I doing for the holidays?

Watching Season 2 of the Walking Dead, of course.

What a fun and gritty series.

I was somewhat confused though by the opening episode . . . spoilers ahead . . .

Um, aren’t the dead supposed to be able to smell you and then come at you like a hungry dog?

Seems to me over half a dozen tasty unwashed live morsels hiding under cars just wouldn’t stop the zombie olfactory systems from kicking into overdrive and sniffing them out - and blood spraying out of a fresh arm wound not attracting like every one of them from a hundred yards plus?

Yeah, I’m nitpicking, but still . . .

Overall though, very tense good stuff with the odd added gore to just kick you in the heart once and a while.

And I’ve made the determination that my Kobo Glo battery is at the very best good for 35 to 40 hours before it dies.

Sorry, Kobo - your 70 hour battery life advertisement is utter bullshit.

And I read it 90 percent of the time with no light - and WiFi always off.

Still, 35 to 40 hours is quite enough for me . . . still.

Well, more Walking Dead to watch, more books to read, more end of the world predictions to scoff at . . .

Just saying . . .

Until Next Sunday . . .

Sunday, December 16, 2012

almost one hundred

No, not my age . . . well, maybe my relative age . . .

But what I speak of is the number of books I’ve read this year.

This past week I polished off numbers 97 and 98.

And with two weeks left before the end of the year, or six days to the end of the world (snort) - then I should easily crack the 100 mark for 2012.

Putting it into perspective this equates to a total of almost 28,000 pages so far this year with the hopes of reaching 30,000 which will blow my 20,000 goal clean out of the water.

Yes, I love my Kobo Glo and my local library with over 23,000 etitles.

I know, spouting a lot of numbers this post, but I was pretty stoked to see that I will read one hundred books this year. A first for me since keeping records starting in 1988 . . . er, yeah . . .

And not all of them were picture books (well, some Walking Dead Compilations. . .  sue me) in the list was A Game of Thrones as well as Hidden Empire, both pretty hefty reads.

Now, on to tennis.

I continue to struggle with my aging frame. I have a pain in my lower back which extends down my left leg during certain moves.

Oh, so fun.

My neck is pretty stiff as well and my left ankle just hurts most of the time. The joys of playing hard tennis when you are not twenty anymore.

I’ve been using the Max 200Gs again so my arm is in great shape as these rackets absorb all the vibration - I mean All!

On the mundane front - winter tires are on and the headlight (the left . . . hmm, a trend here) burned out of my ride. I’ll need to hit Can Tire today and get a replacement.

Oh, and the Christmas tree is up and glowing - I replaced the two old strings of mini lights with new led lights. Looks pretty good.

And looks sort of funny too with no presents underneath since we already did our Christmas gift exchange this year.

Still, there are assorted Christmas stuffies there to fill the space, so it looks okay.

Well, once more the page is full and my brain is empty.

Until next Sunday . . . if there is one (snort the second . . .)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

blowing and snowing

It really sucks to be down and out with a sore throat, stuffy head, cold - really sucks.

Still, I carry on with the aid of pharmaceuticals and am able to read - a lot.

I know this miserable cold is only temporary, but it just drains (no pun intended) the snot (okay, maybe intended now) right out of me.

But you didn’t come here to hear about my ailments . . . at least I hope you didn’t.

Looks like our first big (like, more than one inch) of snow is going to fall later today.

That is good.

And I hope it stays. I like my winter to be, you know, wintery.

Oh, and I wasn’t even going to mention it, but the world is NOT going to end Dec 21st. Please media and tards - grow a brain!

Yeah, hearing about it just makes me sad for the state of human global stupidity.

And back on the reading front - because it’s what I’m doing in my current sickly state - I’m pretty sure I’m going to exceed, or get awfully damn close, to hitting 30,000 pages read this year.

Yeah, that is a record for me for sure. My best previous year was almost 21,000, but that was way back in 1998.

My wife also is well over the 20,000 mark as well.

I attribute this huge reading boost to 2 things.

Goodreads and Ereaders.

As for tennis, I’m back on the twice or three times a week train.

Makes a big difference. But Friday I sucked again because I was just in the breaking out stage of my nasty cold. I was a wee bit cranky on the court and may have succumbed to ball abuse a couple of times . . . yeah, me bad.

This week was pretty quiet on game creation and writing as well since my offspring was home three days sick at the end of the week.

How better to transmit the virus to dear old dad?

Yeah, still cranky.

Well, I’m off to find some meds and maybe make a hot lemon tea and continue to rack up pages while I beat down this cold.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, December 02, 2012

mods and more

So, not content to have my Last Night on Earth game left stock, I had to start some game piece tweaking.

In the game there are various round tokens that, depending on certain events (being vague as to not give too much away), need to go under either the Hero or Zombie models. The issue is, when you move the models around with the tokens under them, it becomes a pain in the backside.



Thank you space program, or Roswell . . . whichever.

Anyhow, I bought some sticky backed velcro and am going to apply a bit onto the tokens and the undersides of the plastic models. Problem solved when you need to put the tokens under the models and them move them around.

And speaking of game mods . . . wasn’t I? - I finally got the download working for Black Mesa which is a remodeling, using the Half Life 2 engine, on the original Half Life.


Don’t be. All I’m saying is that now I can enjoy the original Half Life the way it should be enjoyed - in higher definition taking into account today’s better computing hardware.

It is going to be sweet. I think.

And no, I did not finish my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I am a bad boy.

Still, I have close to 20,000 words, so hey, not all was in vain.

And it’s not because I’ve been reading like a fiend ever since I got my Kobo Glo . . . well, not really . . . okay, maybe a little bit . . .

Still, I just love the Kobo Glo and with over 22,000 titles available through my local library - I am and forever shall be . . . one damn happy reader.

As for tennis, things are much improved. I’ve started up on tennis aerobics again which is making a huge difference on how much better I’m hitting the ball.

I needed the extra ball hitting practice, and let’s face it, playing once a week was just not working. I was getting worse week by week through lack of practice.

Now I’m seeing a vast improvement. Another little niggling irritant scratched.

And my own board game is coming along. I have given myself until December 15th to get a working prototype in order so I can suck convince some of my friends to give it a try with me.

Well, once again the page fills up and I must away.

Until next Sunday . . .