Sunday, November 11, 2012

winter is coming

So, I’m almost finished A Game Of Thrones, and it’s actually pretty darn good.

And the nice thing is our local library has the HBO series so I can watch season one now as soon as I finish up the last hundred or so pages.

I like libraries - a lot.

I’m also reading the entire - well so far - Walking Dead series from library. I also have season 1 on hold which should arrive in a few weeks.

I used to buy all my books new. That was way back before the GST was added in. After that I switched to used book stores for my vice.

My collection, though I’ve pared it down a lot in the last decade, is still somewhere around 1600 or so books. Still way too many. About half of them are still to be read.

But, I’m reading about 80 a year, of which about half come from the library. So, doing the math, if I live another 40 years (here’s hoping) and buy no more books (um, yeah), I should finish reading all the books I own just before turning 90 . . .

Yeah, that’s what I say. I still have way too many on my shelves.

And I get e-books from the library too.

You see, there really are ways to economize when income is not vast but appetite for the written word and cool TV series is high.

I’m seriously thinking of getting a KOBO this Christmas for myself. I have a cheap ereader already, but it can be flaky. Once the battery dies - if I don’t use if for a month or so - I need to charge it and hard boot it to get it working again.

Yeah, not fun, but functional.

So, Kobo may be my friend in the near future.

And my writing here is sounding, at least to my ears, pretty weak.

Could be because of NaNoWriMo which is sucking the creative juices out of me faster than I can replenish them. Not sure if I’m up to crossing that finish line again this year . . .

I will see, I suppose.

Well, not a lot left to relate except I really do need to organize a Last Night on Earth game day with friends.

It really is a damn fun game to play, and sorta co-op to boot which sits well with most of the people I game with.

Until next Sunday . . .

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