Sunday, November 18, 2012

the after glo

Well, Christmas has come and gone here at the Darcy abode for 2012.

Yup, come and gone for me for sure.

Let me elaborate.

I’ve gotten myself a new ereader, and I am absolutely loving it - like frikin loving it to death!

I picked up the new Kobo Glo. You can google the unit if you want to know all the particulars, or just read a bit further for my thoughts on the device.

I’ve had an ancient ereader for about a year or more now, but it had many failings. One of which was the totally sucky battery life. I could not get through a 300 page book without the battery going dead.

Yes, I read slowly, but this thing would die after about six hours of reading. It has a darkish LCD screen too, like one of those old amber-chrome monitors, except in gray scale, from like the late eighties.

So, when I picked up and started using my new Kobo, man what a world of difference. First off, I’ve read with it for over six hours already and the battery has only dropped from 100 percent to 98 percent. It claims a life of 70 hours, and so far it looks like it will meet or exceed that easily. Of course I have the Wi-Fi turned off and only use the light when necessary, but still.

Just holy wow!

The other thing I absolutely love about the new Kobo Glo - the built in back light. I spend a lot of time taking my daughter to music events/practices and find myself in places with dodgy light. Well, I can read now in any light condition and this is so awesome I can’t really relay to you how excited this makes me.

And the light is so uniform, and adjustable too. Pure gold.

The e-paper text is super crisp at a 1024 x 758 resolution - and that packed into six inches of screen. Very crisp looking indeed. And talk about light, as in weight. I can hold it in one hand for over an hour and it’s no big deal. And the touch screen page turn works perfectly.

To add to the total awesome of this early, and I might add only, Christmas gift for me is the availability of just about anything I could ever want to read from my local library in ebook form.

Put it all together and I am one overjoyed camper.

So, if you are in need or want of a new ereader, and you are in Canada I might add where Kobo is king, take a good look at the Kobo Glo as one of your options. It is absolutely a great ereader that I can’t imagine being happier with.

And damn, but I’m out of space to talk about tennis and NaNoWriMo and Gaming . . . Okay, one sentence about each just to say I did.

Tennis - played well this week, even won my court but at the cost of abusing my body by trying the old playing like I’m twenty routine.

NaNoWriMo - hit a brick wall at 18,00 words with the tale in a tailspin driven flat into the ground with no heartbeat and likely no chance of resuscitation.

Gaming - off today to a friend’s place to enjoy a game or two of Last Night on Earth, which is pure zombie B-Movie gaming fun.

Well, I really overdid it this week, didn't I - now back to reading and gaming.

Until next Sunday . . .

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