Sunday, November 25, 2012

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I know I’m repeating myself endlessly here at the Twisted Mind - but mortality just plain sucks.

Seems my dad is having health issues, as yet unresolved, and is getting weaker as the days pass.

He was always so strong, so fit, so athletic right past retirement and beyond.

Until now.

He can’t even go on his daily walk without completely running out of breath. In fact he has stopped the last few days because of it.

It’s been weighing on my mind quite a bit lately, and moreso today with the latest news from the home front which is that his condition seems to be worsening.

So I say again - mortality just plain sucks.

I’m hopeful that whatever is causing his condition will be sorted soon and he can get back to normalcy for someone his age.

Fingers crossed.

Today is another game day for me, to change the subject to something more pleasant, and it appears as though there will be plenty of homemade food to boot.

That is a definite bonus as pretty much all of my gaming friends are awesome cooks.

I’ll be bringing a tube of Coke . . . er, and likely some chips.

Yeah, not exactly great stuff, but we do need some bad food to counteract all that homemade nutritious stuff.

We are currently playing an old Space RPG called Traveler . . . for you youngsters, this came out right about the same time as the "original" D&D - and it uses d12 dice for rolls.

That is cool. I’m using d12s myself for my own Space board game.

Which is still coming along and will get its first playtest this coming holiday season.

On a side note, my dice box is a bit too rigid and often times dice tossed into the box just rebound right out again.

So, solution - I got another layer of felt to put on to give a double cushion on the dice surface and a piece of semi-dense foam rubber to glue to the bottom to absorb some shock as well.

Once all is glued in place, I’m hoping the added dampening material will be enough to keep most dice tosses - well maybe not those totally energetic ones, you know the kind - inside the box where they belong.

And I did manage to read 5 novels this week . . . yeah, I guess my mind needed other things to occupy it - and my Kobo Glo is just awesome!

Well, my time has expired again, so I will leave off for this week.

Until next Sunday . . .

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