Sunday, November 25, 2012

food games mortality

I know I’m repeating myself endlessly here at the Twisted Mind - but mortality just plain sucks.

Seems my dad is having health issues, as yet unresolved, and is getting weaker as the days pass.

He was always so strong, so fit, so athletic right past retirement and beyond.

Until now.

He can’t even go on his daily walk without completely running out of breath. In fact he has stopped the last few days because of it.

It’s been weighing on my mind quite a bit lately, and moreso today with the latest news from the home front which is that his condition seems to be worsening.

So I say again - mortality just plain sucks.

I’m hopeful that whatever is causing his condition will be sorted soon and he can get back to normalcy for someone his age.

Fingers crossed.

Today is another game day for me, to change the subject to something more pleasant, and it appears as though there will be plenty of homemade food to boot.

That is a definite bonus as pretty much all of my gaming friends are awesome cooks.

I’ll be bringing a tube of Coke . . . er, and likely some chips.

Yeah, not exactly great stuff, but we do need some bad food to counteract all that homemade nutritious stuff.

We are currently playing an old Space RPG called Traveler . . . for you youngsters, this came out right about the same time as the "original" D&D - and it uses d12 dice for rolls.

That is cool. I’m using d12s myself for my own Space board game.

Which is still coming along and will get its first playtest this coming holiday season.

On a side note, my dice box is a bit too rigid and often times dice tossed into the box just rebound right out again.

So, solution - I got another layer of felt to put on to give a double cushion on the dice surface and a piece of semi-dense foam rubber to glue to the bottom to absorb some shock as well.

Once all is glued in place, I’m hoping the added dampening material will be enough to keep most dice tosses - well maybe not those totally energetic ones, you know the kind - inside the box where they belong.

And I did manage to read 5 novels this week . . . yeah, I guess my mind needed other things to occupy it - and my Kobo Glo is just awesome!

Well, my time has expired again, so I will leave off for this week.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the after glo

Well, Christmas has come and gone here at the Darcy abode for 2012.

Yup, come and gone for me for sure.

Let me elaborate.

I’ve gotten myself a new ereader, and I am absolutely loving it - like frikin loving it to death!

I picked up the new Kobo Glo. You can google the unit if you want to know all the particulars, or just read a bit further for my thoughts on the device.

I’ve had an ancient ereader for about a year or more now, but it had many failings. One of which was the totally sucky battery life. I could not get through a 300 page book without the battery going dead.

Yes, I read slowly, but this thing would die after about six hours of reading. It has a darkish LCD screen too, like one of those old amber-chrome monitors, except in gray scale, from like the late eighties.

So, when I picked up and started using my new Kobo, man what a world of difference. First off, I’ve read with it for over six hours already and the battery has only dropped from 100 percent to 98 percent. It claims a life of 70 hours, and so far it looks like it will meet or exceed that easily. Of course I have the Wi-Fi turned off and only use the light when necessary, but still.

Just holy wow!

The other thing I absolutely love about the new Kobo Glo - the built in back light. I spend a lot of time taking my daughter to music events/practices and find myself in places with dodgy light. Well, I can read now in any light condition and this is so awesome I can’t really relay to you how excited this makes me.

And the light is so uniform, and adjustable too. Pure gold.

The e-paper text is super crisp at a 1024 x 758 resolution - and that packed into six inches of screen. Very crisp looking indeed. And talk about light, as in weight. I can hold it in one hand for over an hour and it’s no big deal. And the touch screen page turn works perfectly.

To add to the total awesome of this early, and I might add only, Christmas gift for me is the availability of just about anything I could ever want to read from my local library in ebook form.

Put it all together and I am one overjoyed camper.

So, if you are in need or want of a new ereader, and you are in Canada I might add where Kobo is king, take a good look at the Kobo Glo as one of your options. It is absolutely a great ereader that I can’t imagine being happier with.

And damn, but I’m out of space to talk about tennis and NaNoWriMo and Gaming . . . Okay, one sentence about each just to say I did.

Tennis - played well this week, even won my court but at the cost of abusing my body by trying the old playing like I’m twenty routine.

NaNoWriMo - hit a brick wall at 18,00 words with the tale in a tailspin driven flat into the ground with no heartbeat and likely no chance of resuscitation.

Gaming - off today to a friend’s place to enjoy a game or two of Last Night on Earth, which is pure zombie B-Movie gaming fun.

Well, I really overdid it this week, didn't I - now back to reading and gaming.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, November 11, 2012

winter is coming

So, I’m almost finished A Game Of Thrones, and it’s actually pretty darn good.

And the nice thing is our local library has the HBO series so I can watch season one now as soon as I finish up the last hundred or so pages.

I like libraries - a lot.

I’m also reading the entire - well so far - Walking Dead series from library. I also have season 1 on hold which should arrive in a few weeks.

I used to buy all my books new. That was way back before the GST was added in. After that I switched to used book stores for my vice.

My collection, though I’ve pared it down a lot in the last decade, is still somewhere around 1600 or so books. Still way too many. About half of them are still to be read.

But, I’m reading about 80 a year, of which about half come from the library. So, doing the math, if I live another 40 years (here’s hoping) and buy no more books (um, yeah), I should finish reading all the books I own just before turning 90 . . .

Yeah, that’s what I say. I still have way too many on my shelves.

And I get e-books from the library too.

You see, there really are ways to economize when income is not vast but appetite for the written word and cool TV series is high.

I’m seriously thinking of getting a KOBO this Christmas for myself. I have a cheap ereader already, but it can be flaky. Once the battery dies - if I don’t use if for a month or so - I need to charge it and hard boot it to get it working again.

Yeah, not fun, but functional.

So, Kobo may be my friend in the near future.

And my writing here is sounding, at least to my ears, pretty weak.

Could be because of NaNoWriMo which is sucking the creative juices out of me faster than I can replenish them. Not sure if I’m up to crossing that finish line again this year . . .

I will see, I suppose.

Well, not a lot left to relate except I really do need to organize a Last Night on Earth game day with friends.

It really is a damn fun game to play, and sorta co-op to boot which sits well with most of the people I game with.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, November 04, 2012

of work and play

As you can tell from last week's post I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I won it in 2007 and haven’t tackled it since.

I’m well on track to complete it this year again. I mean you only need to crank out 1667 words a day. Not really too tough, but you do need to keep at it for 30 days straight which is not as easy as it sounds.

And to keep myself on track I’ve devised a method of reward once my writing is done for the day.

I get to play games . . .

. . . um, well, yeah you say, I usually play games, but the twist here is my writing must be complete first.

Not always the case - so, see, all is not the same . . .

First off though I will say I’ve been reading through the Walking Dead graphic novels and holy hoo they are nasty. Plenty of violence, murder, zombie brains exploding, death, sex and F-bombs which, well, I’m not overly keen on in my graphic novels but here it all seems to work.

This series has a way of sucking you in and wanting you to find out more. I’m glad my library has all the collections so far. I’m likely starting on volume three today.

And I’ve also been chewing my way through a Game of Thrones. Hmm, what to say about that. It’s better than I thought it would be. My ultimate verdict is still out though until I finish the first book in the series, but so far I’m engaged enough to keep slogging my way through it.

Now on to the game part.

Two in particular.

The first is Half-Life 2. Yeah, I have been under a rock for years. Not a new game by any stretch but wow is it good - I mean really, really good.

It’s mostly a lot of physics problem solving and really cool effects once you figure things out. Oh, and plenty of killing things for those twitchy-fingerer teens that just need to kill things as well. Not as keen on that part, but it all makes sense in the game so I can live with it.

The second I’ve been really enjoying is Divine Divinity . . . I know, the name is so utterly lame it makes you want to hurl. However, the neat thing is this game is just plain awesome if you like fantasy RPGs.

It is the perfect love child between Baldur’s Gate and Diablo in every way. It has the quests and stop action (space bar) battle feel of Baldur’s Gate and the item sets and level up mechanics of Diablo. I can’t tell you how much it really is those two games mashed together, in a good way - if you liked either of those games then this is a must like.

It works on Win 7 too and the graphics are as clean and good looking as Fallout Tactics. Hey, it came out in 2002, what do you want.

Well, time has slipped away again and I’m off to do other things, like read or game.

Yes, sometimes my life is just plain hard . . .

Until next Sunday . . .